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Tower in The Sky: A Book About EPRP and Red Terror in Ethiopian Politics   11 Jul 2013 03:22 hrs
Many books are written on the famous Ethiopian People Revolutionary Party (EPRP), one that preceded one of the worst tragedies in the country – the white/red terror.
Ethiopian Horticulture Exporters Eye Seoul Market   21 Jun 2013 03:05 hrs
Ethiopian vegetable and fruit exporters are considering expanding into the South Korean market, with the launch of direct flights to Seoul by Ethiopian Airlines. The export market for Ethiopian produce is currently limited to Europe and the Mi
Rare National Joy as Ethiopia Beats South Africa 2-1   21 Jun 2013 02:56 hrs
It was a moment of an absolute harmony, pride and happiness in the country, as Ethiopia beat South Africa 2-1 in Addis Ababa Stadium.
40/60 Housing Registration to Start Soon   13 Jun 2013 03:07 hrs
Addis Ababa City Administration and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia in a joint press conference held this week on Tuesday announced that Addis Ababa has finalized preparations to register over 1.3 million house seekers.
Ethiopia Vows Peace with Egypt Over Nile   13 Jun 2013 02:56 hrs
After the major move by Ethiopia diverting river Blue Nile (Abay) to start the construction of the Renaissance Dam, tension is growing between Ethiopia and Egypt.
6th Annual ICT Exhibition Opens in Addis Ababa   13 Jun 2013 02:19 hrs
The 6th ICT Exhibition, Bazaar and Conference under the theme “ICT for Sustainable Development” opened on June 6 at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Center and Market Development Enterprise, reports Capital.
Ethiopian Economy to Grow 6.5% This Year, Projects IMF   13 Jun 2013 02:10 hrs
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) projected that Ethiopia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will grow around 6.5 percent for 2013/14 with inflation continuing its downward trend, contesting the government’s official projection of 11.4 percent,
Excessive Hotel Rates Annoy Foreign Diplomats   28 May 2013 00:59 hrs
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for some some six month now has been consulting with hotels and restaurants not to make a sudden price increase for their services in relation to the 50th anniversary of the Organization of African Unity/African U
OAU/AU Celebrates 50th Anniversary   28 May 2013 00:52 hrs
As the first international organization that was meant to maintain world peace, the League of Nations was largely a disappointment for its members. However, for Ethiopia, this disappointment was deeply personal. When Italy invaded Ethiopia in Oc
New Anti-Corruption Law to Probe Private Sector in Ethiopia   27 May 2013 22:07 hrs
Following the recent crackdown on corruption of officials, the Federal Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (FEAC) announced that it is drafting a new regulation that will also enable it to investigate and indict the private sector on corruptio
Ethiopia, Brazil Sign Cooperation Agrements   27 May 2013 21:55 hrs
In Brazil’s first ever presidential visit to Ethiopia on Friday, May 24, the two countries signed four cooperation agreements that Ethiopian officials consider signal the entry of the emerging South American powerhouse into a large scale involve
President Girma Asks PM to Erect Statue for Emperor Haileselassie   17 May 2013 02:40 hrs
President Girma Woldegiorgis in a letter sent to Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn asked for a statue to be erected in honour of the late Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile-Selassie I, according to the Reporter.
Ethiopia to Resume Tantalum Production   17 May 2013 02:31 hrs
Ethiopian Minerals Development Enterprise (EMDE) recently asked its board of directors and the Privatisation and Public Enterprises Supervisory Agency permission to resume production and export of tantalum concentrate from its Kenticha tantalum
Latest Arrests: Fighting Corruption or Political Side Show?   17 May 2013 01:44 hrs
High level corruption, once again, is back on the podium, leaving the Ethiopian public confused as ever, whether their cries have been heard, or whether this is another political drama in the making.
Ethiopian Supreme Court Denies Appeal of Eskinder, Andualem   09 May 2013 03:35 hrs
The Federal Supreme Court, Second Criminal Bench, dismissed the appeal of blogger Eskinder Nega and opposition leader Andualem Arage who were jailed last year for terror-related offences, according to the Reporter.
Ethiopian Airlines Seeks Compensation for Dreamliner Grounding   09 May 2013 03:27 hrs
The chief executive of Ethiopian Airlines said May 7 that his company will seek compensation from Boeing for the grounding of its 787 Dreamliner planes, according to media reports.
Where is Khat Taking Ethiopia?   09 May 2013 03:03 hrs
From all the rulers that followed the Solomonic Dynasty in Ethiopia, Lij Iyasu, the grandson of Emperor Menelik II was a lot different.
Ethiopian Teenager Tesfaye Debele Wins 10k Race in England   30 Apr 2013 01:58 hrs
An Ethiopian teenager’s scintillating run smashed the Epilepsy Action Bradford 10k course record yesterday. Tesfaye Debele knocked 24 seconds off the previous best when he stormed over the Centenary Square finishing line in 31 minutes and two se
Ethiopian Becomes First Carrier to Resume Dreamliner Flight   30 Apr 2013 01:41 hrs
Ethiopian Airlines became the world's first carrier to resume commercial flights with Boeing Company's grounded 787 Dreamliner passenger jets, a Reuters witness said, as one of the its planes left Addis Ababa for Kenya on Saturday.
Chinese Company to Build Transmission Lines for Grand Dam   26 Apr 2013 23:59 hrs
Ethiopia signed a contract Friday worth nearly $1 billion with a Chinese energy company to build two transmission lines linking the country's largest dam to the country's central power grid.
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