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Ethiopia Will Cement Relationships with Neighboring Countries - PM

ethiopia-to-cement-relationsJanuary 12, 2017 - Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said his government will strengthen its bilateral relations with neighboring countries, according to FBC.

The Premier gave today explanation for questions raised by members of the parliament (MPs).

Responding to question regarding the status of Ethiopia’s relations with its neighbors, the Premier said, “We have excellent relations with Kenya and Sudan.”

“Our relation with Djibouti is strategic and one step ahead from the relations with other countries. We have also good relations with both South Sudan and Somalia,” he added.

Ethiopia Committed to Policy Based on Mutual Benefits - PM

Nation-ready-to-work-with-any-nationJanuary 11, 2017 - Ethiopia is committed to pursuing its policy based on mutual benefits with any country, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said, according to ENA. At a press conference he held on January 9, 2017, the premier stated that the principles of Ethiopia’s diplomacy are in tune with this policy.

Accordingly, Ethiopia has been working to strengthen its bilateral relationship with Egypt through all means including people-to-people diplomacy.

Yet, some institutions in Egypt have been collaborating with groups categorized as terrorists set to destabilize Ethiopia, he pointed out.

In relation to this

We Need to 'Consolidate Gains' Before Lifting State of Emergency - PM

Ethiopian-Prime-MinisterJanuary 10, 2017 - Ethiopia needs to "consolidate gains" after the deadly unrest last year before it can lift a state of emergency that was imposed in October, the prime minister said on Monday, according to Reuters.

"As far as the date of lifting the state of emergency is concerned, it should be seen in the perspective that we have to consolidate the gains that we have made so far," Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn told a news conference, noting that the measure had helped restore "normalcy".

Rights groups have said more than 500 people were killed in violence th

TPLF Takes Measures Against 640 Members in Leadership Positions

TPLF-disciplines-membersJanuary 2, 2017 –Following the in-depth reform program it carried out, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has taken measures against more than 640 individuals in leaderships positions who committed misconduct.

Amanuel Amare, rural political affairs head at TPLF office, told ENA that the measures were taken against them for committing malpractice, failure to discharge their responsibilities and weaknesses.

Of these, the office laid charges against 13 leaderships who have been involved in grave rent-seeking practices.  Some 22 individuals in leadership positions were also fired from the Front’s membership.

Ethiopian Federal Police Arrests 130 People on Corruption Charges

Ethiopian-federal-police-arrests-130January 2, 2017 – About 130 people have been arrested on suspicion of corruption, said the Ethiopian Federal Police Commission, according to Fana Broadcasting Corp.

They were arrested on suspicion of alleged corrupt practice in public procurement, housing and land development, banking and share companies -related activities as well as tax fraud, among others.

Commander Desta Asmelash, Executive Advisor to the Federal Police Commissioner, told journalists today that the Commission received 260 reports of corruption cases from the public.

Those detained so far are among the 206 suspects.


Merera Denies Charges, Ethiopian Court Extends Detention by 28 Days

Merera-denies-chargesJanuary 1, 2017 - Veteran opposition politician, Dr. Merera Gudina, chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), appeared before the Federal First Instance Court at Arada on Thursday and denied any terrorism ties and the allegations made in connection with his November 30 arrest after his return from Brussels, Belgium.

Merera told the court that he has spent his life opposed to violence and terrorism, and to teaching a better way. Investigators argued that Merera’s detention violated a provision of the country’s state of emergency measures.

That provision prohibits contact with terrorist organizations, which the investigator

Crackdown Threatens Ethiopia’s Economic Boom - Report

Unrest-Threatens-Ethiopian-EconomyDecember 30, 2016 - The construction cranes towering above the building sites on Ras Abebe Aragay Street in central Addis Ababa are tangible evidence of Ethiopia’s lofty ambitions to transform its capital into a modern hub.

In two years’ time this should become a boulevard of gleaming skyscrapers, home to leading banks and others attracted by Ethiopia’s state-led development model. And with sub-Saharan Africa’s only electric light rail network outside South Africa passing nearby, Addis Ababa will be able to project a much more developed image than any of its regional rivals.

Foreign investors, notab

Ethiopia's State of Calm Uncertain - Washington Post

Ethiopian-proptestsDecember 24, 2016 - Earlier this month, hundreds of high school students in the small Ethio­pian town of Meti gathered for a demonstration. They were supposed to be celebrating the country’s Nations and Nationalities day, which commemorates the much-vaunted equality of Ethiopia’s 80 ethnic groups. Instead, they defied a two-month-old state of emergency to voice their anger over stalled political reforms and endemic corruption, reports Washington Post.

The protest was quickly dispersed and arrests were made, locals said, and calm returned to the village. But the incident is a sign of the simmering resentment that threatens to shatte

Ethiopia Releases 10,000 Detained Under State of Emergency

ethiopia-releases-1000December 22, 2016 - Ethiopia says it is releasing nearly 10,000 people detained under its ongoing state of emergency but plans to charge almost 2,500 others accused of destabilising the country.

Authorities have held about 12,500 individuals since declaring the state of emergency on October 9 after months of anti-government protests in the Oromia and Amhara regions.

Human rights groups, which accused the government of using excessive force in the protests, said hundreds were killed in the demonstrations in some of the country's worst violence since the ruling party came to power in 1991.

Under emergency rule, detainees

Ethiopia to Release Over 9 Thousand Unrest Suspects

Siraj-FegessaDecember 19, 2016 - About 9,800 detained suspects who have been participating in turbulence in some parts of the country will be released next Wednesday, according Walta.  

Secretariat of the Command Post and Defense Minister, Siraj Fegesa, told journalists today that the command post will release 9,800 of  the 11,607 arrested suspects due to their participation in the chaos.

The detainees got enough training and will actively participate in bringing lasting peace in the country.

According to the minister, 12,500 additional suspects are detained with strong public participation in identifying violence instigators responsible

US Seeks to Increase Dialogue with Ethiopia on Governance, Human Rights

US-committed-to-dialogueDecember 19, 2016 - The United States (U.S.) has reiterated its position to increase dialogue with Ethiopia on issues of good governance and human rights.

A top official of the US Department of State, Tom Malinowski met with Ethiopian Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu during a recent working visit to the Horn of Africa country affected by a series of anti-government protests which started over a year ago.

The meeting was under the 7th Democracy, Governance and Human Rights Bilateral Working Group which took place in the capital, Addis Ababa.

The discussion at this Working Group addressed a broad range of issue

Majoritarian or Proportional Representation Electoral System

By Prof. Desta Asayehgn

Prof.-DestaDecember 14, 2016 - The choice of electoral system has a profound effect on the future political life of a country (IDEA, 2005). After the promulgation of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in 1995, Ethiopia declared that its electoral system — the set of rules that specify how voters can express their preference (ballot structure) and how the votes are translated into parliamentarian seats or elect legislature (Aziri, E. and Saliaj, 2013) — would be based on majoritarian or winner–take-all electoral votes.  That is, the Constitution and the amended electoral law (Article 25) state that Ethiopia follows the m

Ethiopian Prime Minister Appoints State Ministers, Officials

PM-appoints-state-ministersDecember 14, 2016 - Prime Minister HailemaraimDesalegn has appointed State ministers, Heads and Deputies for development organizations.

Marta Liwuji, State Minister for Ministry Public Enterprise’s Mines, Energy and Construction Sector

Habiba Siraj, State Minister for Ministry of Youth and Sport‘s Youth Sector

Tesfaye Yigezu, State Minister, Ministry of Youth and Sport‘s Sport Sector

Solomon Hailu, State Minister for Ministry of Construction’s Regulatory Sector

TadelechDalecho, State Minister for Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs’ Social Sector

Workinesh Biru, St

Ethiopia Initiates 10B Birr Job Creation Fund

Sufian-AhmedDecember 10, 2016 - Sufian Ahmed, former minister of Finance and Economic Development, who was recently appointed to head the macroeconomic cluster at the Office of the Prime Minister, conferred this week with stakeholders on a new draft regulation that will guide the 10 billion birr revolving fund the Prime Minister allotted for job creation. The draft regulation mandated the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) to administer the fund in collaboration with Ministry of Youth and Sports.

A minimum of a trio of youth, who can come up with a satisfactory project proposal, will be provided with a working capital without any collateral requirement, sources told The

New TV Channels Threat to State Control - Economist

TV-dishesDecember 9, 2016 - STROLL through Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, and everywhere you will see satellite dishes, sprouting mushroom-like from roofs, gardens and balconies. “People have roofs to repair, but they are buying satellite dishes instead,” chuckles Abel Adamu, a lecturer at the Addis Ababa School of Journalism. “Wherever you go in Ethiopia, it is the satellite dish that comes first.”

The proliferation of these dishes symbolises the frustration that Ethiopia’s 90m citizens feel with state-owned television, reports the Economist. But after years of hankering for a choice in what they can watch, Ethiopians are fast becoming s

Two New State Ministers Appointed for Foreign Affairs

Hirut-and-WondimuDecember 6, 2016 - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) have two new state ministers, appointed by Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn. According to the information that Capital obtained Hirut Zemene, Director General of Business Diplomacy at MoFA, became the second female state minister in MoFA’s history.

Wondimu Asaminew is the other new state minister for MoFA. Wondimu served as Ethiopian Ambassador to Somalia until his appointment to the new position. During his latest cabinet reshuffle Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn assigned Workneh Gebeyehu (PhD) as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Workneh replaced Tedros Adhanom

EU, US Express Concern over Merera Gudina’s Arrest

Merera-GudinaDecember 5, 2016 - The European Union (EU) and the United States is raising concerns to Ethiopian authorities about the arrest of prominent opposition political figure Merrara Gudina (PhD), reports Capital.

He was arrested on Wednesday evening from his house when he returned from a trip to Brussels, where he met with EU parliamentarians.

During a mid-day press conference on Friday December 2 the spokesperson of EU’s diplomatic service, European External Action Service (EEAS), said the arrest of the opposition leader was one of the topics raised, according to the Delegation of the EU to Ethiopia.

The EESA spokesperson told journalist

EPRDF May Allow Non-Party Members in Leadership Positions - PM

PM-Hailemariam-DesalegnDecember 5, 2016 - The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) the ruling coalition may have new policy strategies and changes in the bureaucratic arena after the beginning of the new reform that the party says will take place in the coming Ethiopian New Year.

The chairman of the EPRDF and head of the government, Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn gave a press conference to the public media early in the week and confirmed reforms will take place when the House of Peoples’ Representatives resume its session.

During his address the PM said that this will be the  second reform after

Ethiopian Government May Shorten State of Emergency

Negeri_LenchoDecember 4, 2016 - The Government of Ethiopia has been contemplating to cut down the duration of the state of emergency it has imposed throughout the country, Negeri Lencho (PhD) the new minister for Government Communication Affairs Office told journalists in his first presser.

The state of emergency declared on October 8, 2016 essentially targeted to restore order, ensure safety of the public and stability Negeri said in the press conference he gave late on Friday at his office, which is located off Africa Avenue.

“Two months after the enactment of the state of emergency, things are now returning back to normal,” the new minister said

Opposition Leader Violated Emergency Law - Ethiopian FM

Negeri_LenchoDecember 3, 2016 - Ethiopian opposition leader, Merera Gudina, has been incarcerated for "violating the provisions of the state of emergency” and the matter will be “handled accordingly,” a government official said Friday.

Speaking to reporters, government spokesperson Negeri Lencho said the detention of Merara Gudina on Wednesday was solely related to the state of emergency.

"There is a provision in the state of emergency that says connecting and conspiring with organizations labeled as terrorists is illegal," he added.

Merera Gudina, perhaps the most outspoken critique of the Ethiopian government, is the


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