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House items for sale(በመጠኑ ያገለገሉ) - Addis Ababa

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Item # : 21409
Location :Addis Ababa
Category :Office Furniture
Posted by :Class5
Date Posted :Fri 04 Jan 2019
Expiration :Wed 03 Jul 2019
Type :For Sale
Price :Br 0.00
Contact Information :0911-12 71 55
Description :�Full set Lshape sofa —>6800 birr
�Full set 3,2,1,1 normal fabric sofa —->4,500birr
�Goldy Gpass sound system—->2,200birr
�Kids study table with chair—->1,800 birr
�Chest drawer —->2200birr
�Sewing machine—->2,500birr
�21 inch konka tv with reciever and stand—->3,500 birr
�4 sets of coffe table ——>1,200birr
�Original german made Bosch dril —>2,200birr
�Computer desk with chair—>2,500birr
�Canon photo copy machine —->2,500 birr
�Baby bed with matress—->2,500birr
�1.20m bed—->2,500 birr

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