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Villa House for Sale or Rent - Gullele

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Item # : 24580
Location :Gullele
Category :Other
Posted by :mikal
Date Posted :Mon 22 Apr 2019
Expiration :Sat 19 Oct 2019
Type :Other
Price :Br 0.00
Contact Information :+251 96 691 5470
Description :Villa House in Gulele (close to Tsion Hotel) for sale or rent:

Wonderful villa house in Gulele, located on a 1400 sqm property with a large garden, additional separate service area and a separate office/hobby space.

- large living room with fireplace
- two standard bedrooms
- one master bedroom with an en suite bathroom with bathtub
- additional bathroom with shower for other rooms
- all rooms have wooden wall closets and parquet flooring
- kitchen is equipped with washing machine, stove and multiple cabinets and storage facilities

- large front porch facing the garden
- service quarter area: four separate rooms with additional bathroom with shower
- Large office/ hobby room with parquet flooring

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