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SBC Global - Addis Ababa

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Item # : 24977
Location :Addis Ababa
Category :Software
Posted by :sbcglobal
Date Posted :Mon 06 May 2019
Expiration :Sat 02 Nov 2019
Type :Other
Price :Br 7,001.00
Contact Information :SbcGlobal Contact Number 1855-552-6129 to fix issues like: How to Set Up SBCGlobal Net Email, How to Check SBC Global Email, For More Information:
Description :There is no reason to fret if you are unable to set up the account in other email services. If you are thinking of syncing the SBC account to any other email, then the first and foremost thing required is to configure the IMAP, SMTP, and POP settings. You can manually configure the settings. Till the time the server and port settings are not correct, the sync cannot take place in an appropriate manner. If you feel that you will be requiring any technical assistance in this matter, then you can contact the SBCGlobal Email Customer Care number and avail their services.

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