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Kraft Reparaturdienst - Arada

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Item # : 25269
Location :Arada
Category :Other
Posted by :freyuwe
Date Posted :Wed 22 May 2019
Expiration :Mon 18 Nov 2019
Type :For Sale
Price :Br 0.00
Contact Information :Tauroggener Street 7,
10589 Berlin, Germany
Description :Your household appliance is defective? The washing machine is not pumping properly? The refrigerator loses water or the dryer no longer spins? You think a new appliance is needed, but the costs would tear a big hole in your household budget? We, the Kraft Repair Service, know from experience that a new purchase is not always necessary. In some cases such defects can be repaired quickly and easily. Our repair service is specialized in such defects. Often, a malfunction can be repaired with a small movement of the hand. Our repair service Berlin does not only repair all household appliances, but also supports you with the purchase of a new appliance, should this be necessary. The Kraft Reparaturdienst knows the problems of buying a new appliance, often it fails because of the necessary budget. Our repair service Berlin has good used household appliances, even brand-name appliances at an attractive price ready for you. Our repair service will gladly come to you and support you. We charge a travel fee of only 5 Euro within Berlin. In the closer vicinity this travel fee amounts to only 9 Euro. We do not only repair washing machines, refrigerators or dryers. We are your contact for all kinds of household appliances. We can also offer you numerous tips on the use of the respective household appliance. This guarantees a much longer service life. We know why it can be that a washing machine no longer pumps out. We can also help you if you need tips on the service life of your washing machine. Our repair service is always the right contact for you if one of your household appliances has ceased to function. Even with a small defect we are there for you.

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