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Home for sale - 8,700,000Br - Addis Ababa

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Item # : 25648
Location :Addis Ababa
Category :For Sale
Posted by :Class5
Date Posted :Fri 07 Jun 2019
Expiration :Wed 04 Dec 2019
Type :For Sale
Price :Br 8,700,000.00
Contact Information :+251911482427/+2519447324
Description :በአስቸኳይ የሚሸጥ ለገስት ሃውስ ሰራ ፣ለፔኒስዮን፣ለቢሮ አገልግሎት እንዲሁም ለፈለጉት ቢዝነስ የሚሆን አስፓልት ዳር የሚገኝ በካርታ 175ካሬ በልኬት 220ካሬ በውስጡ 13 መኝታ ያለው ከጀርባ ራሱን የቻለ ሰርቪስ ያለው ተመራጭ ቦታ ዋጋው 8.7 ሚሊየን ይደራደራሉ በ+251911482427/+251944732454 ይደውሉ።Derege commision agent

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