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We are looking for Distributor in Ethiopia - Addis Ababa

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Item # : 29600
Location :Addis Ababa
Category :Other
Posted by :FastEnergy
Date Posted :Thu 09 Apr 2020
Expiration :Tue 06 Oct 2020
Type :For Sale
Price :Br 0.00
Contact Information
Description :We “ PARK SISTEM ” d,o,o, producer of the Best energy drinks. We are operational from 2002 in Novi Sad, Serbia,
We are situated in Novi Sad, Hajduk Veljkova street no, 11, while
the factory, where production takes place, is in Indjija with a
capacity of 35,000 pieces per hour,
- Standards implemented: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCAP and
FSSC 22000,
- The factory also produces for worldwide brands such as Rauch,
Monster, Heineken, etc,

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