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Secure and Homely Furnished Apartment - Bole

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Item # : 30333
Location :Bole
Category :For Rent
Posted by :Millennium Apartment Hotel
Date Posted :Sun 07 Jun 2020
Expiration :Fri 04 Dec 2020
Type :(other)
Price :Br 41,000.00
Contact Information :Address- Bole, Sunshine Read , Around Millennium Hall.
Contact- Hewan
E-Mail- or
Description :Fully Furnished Two Bedroom Apartments for rent at the heart of Addis Ababa , Bole , Five Min drive from the Airport. Ideal Apartment for your comfort ,security and safety by providing free:
* Shopping service and free transportation (2 days in a week)
* WI-Fi (20 MB/S) and 24/7 Gym service
* Laundry (we wash/dry/iron/fold) & Housekeeping
* Meeting room access (videoconferencing) & satellite TV
*Parking, security and video surveillance

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