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Item # : 35200
Location :Adwa
Category :Beauty
Posted by :marlinsmith
Date Posted :Fri 01 Jul 2022
Expiration :Wed 28 Dec 2022
Type :For Sale
Price :Br 0.00
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Description :OxyContin is an opioid pain reliever medicine that contains the medicinal ingredient Oxycodone in an extended-release formulation. Oxycodone first came to the United States of America in 1939. However, it was not until Purdue Pharma company began manufacturing OxyContin in the United States in 1996 that The Oxycontin drug became widely used. By 2001, Oxycontin was the best-selling narcotic painkiller medicine in the country. With the extended-release delivery system, the oxycodone drug in OxyContin tablets provides continuous delivery over twelve hours. So, people generally use OxyContin twice daily.

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