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J0ULIE+ Containerized Energy Storage Solutions - Asia

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Item # : 37336
Location :Asia
Category :Other
Posted by :vmechatronics
Date Posted :Wed 15 Mar 2023
Expiration :Mon 11 Sep 2023
Type :For Sale
Price :Br 0.00
Contact Information :Send enquiry at sales[at]vmechatronics[dot]com
To learn more at
Description :Joulie+ has applications for commercial as well as domestic purposes. Since it provides a containerized energy storage solution for electricity needs, it is helpful for places where electricity supply through the grid is impossible or has not been reached yet. It has internet-ready storage systems, Which allow users to monitor it remotely.


Energy Efficient
Cost Effective
Zero Blackouts
Green Solutions
Maintenance Free
Energy Independence
Reduced Carbon Footprint

Available Ranges
1 MWh To 90MWh

*Serial scalable for higher voltages
*Parallel scalable for higher capacities

Send enquiry at sales[at]vmechatronics[dot]com
To learn more at

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