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Six Sigma Green Belt Certification - ISEL Global - India

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Location :India
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Date Posted :Mon 20 Mar 2023
Expiration :Sat 16 Sep 2023
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Description :What is a Six Sigma Green Belt?
A Six Sigma Green Belt is a professional who thoroughly understands the advanced elements of the Six Sigma methodology. Green Belt leads the upgrade project and also acts as a team member to be part of a more complex upgrade project led by Black Belt.
The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is familiar with all aspects of the Six Sigma methodology and competent in DMAIC topics (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control). A cert ified Green Belt Professional is highly experienced in implementing, implementing, interpreting and implementing Lean Six Sigma.
Why do I need a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt?
As an LSS Green Belt, you have the opportunity to implement small improvement projects that, if successful, can provide real satisfaction. In fact, there's not much more empowering than knowing that you have a real impact on your company's productivity and financial results.
While the LSS Yellow Belt provides support in initiating improvement projects - usually through data collection and process mapping - the Green Belt is
heavily involved throughout the process. Under the supervision and guidance of the LSS Black Belt or Master Black Belt, they carry out repairs.
LSS Green Belt certified professionals typically spend between 25% and 50% of their time on Lean Six Sigma projects. They are widely recognized as experts in Lean Six Sigma methodologies and drivers of quality within their organizations.

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