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What are the Most Recognized Six Sigma - India

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Date Posted :Tue 21 Mar 2023
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Description :The Six Sigma Certification methodology is an effective and proven way to increase profitability and quality by reducing errors and problems in all aspects of the business itself. But the industry is full of vendors and schools offering training and certifications—many at high prices. So how do you choose?
What is the Most Recognized Six Sigma Certification?
For certification, you must choose the most recognized, respected and capable option available. This includes choosing between providers, not-for-profit schools, individual companies and industry associations.

ASQ and IASSC appear to be the leaders in Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Fact: The IASSC exam is a closed book exam whereas the ASQ exam is an open book exam and the Book looks pretty much the same. Unlike many other certifications such as Project Management (PMI), there is no single authoritative body that lists the body of knowledge (BOK) and the set of requirements for Six Sigma certification. Although the American Society for Quality (ASQ) BOK is almost universal, there are still many variations of the body of knowledge on Six Sigma which is very comprehensive but has a different focus – adding and removing parts of the ASQ BOK. Lean six sigma certification requirements are very different. This leads to a bewildering array of certification methods and options with many attributes to consider and compare before embarking on the certification journey.

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