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CelPak-n Stationary Energy Storage Solution - Asia

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Item # : 37497
Location :Asia
Category :Other
Posted by :vmechatronics
Date Posted :Sat 01 Apr 2023
Expiration :Thu 28 Sep 2023
Type :For Sale
Price :Br 0.00
Contact Information :Talk to our expert at 91-22-25477750
Send enquiry at sales[at]vmechatronics[dot]com
Description :CelPak-n is the perfect companion for home inverters and UPS. With german collaboration we can offer a Lithium CelPak-n Which requires absolutely zero maintenance. Its long life and high power density offer total value for money. The CelPak-n is approximately 50% more efficient than other batteries giving you a faster ROI. Fast charging enables maximized backup time throughout the day. It's economical, pocket friendly, and optimally suited for your home and power backup needs.

Lithium Advantage
Fast Charging
Zero Pollution
Longer Battery Life
Non Flammable
Non Explosive

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