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    Origin Germany
    Appearance -excellent condition (no wear and tear at all)
    Engine capacity 68hp(1800cc)
    Load capacity 8+z driver
    Fule-petrol,water coold(radiator),5speed,repainted once
    Price -neg

    Price: Br 11.00
    Posted Date: 2/4/2019
    Location: Addis Ababa

    years 2006
    Km 176,000
    Good Condition
    0913 57 05 51

    Price: Br 210,000.00
    Posted Date: 2/4/2019
    Location: Addis Ababa

    1.250.000 Br
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    AA west...Betam arif yezota lay yale...derder yelelew 1.25milion birr call me on 0912662321

    Price: Br 1,250,000.00
    Posted Date: 1/28/2019
    Location: Addis Ababa

    👉አዲስ አበባ በቀንና በማታ አማርጠው አልያም ሁለትኑም መስራት ይችላሉ:: አስተማማኝ ከፋይ ድርጅት። ዋጋ በኪሎሜትር
    0-3ኪሜ 5፡50
    3-5km 5 ብር
    5በላይ 4.50ብር
    ሁለተኛው ሳይት ውስጥ
    0-3ኪሜ 4፡70
    3-5km 4:50ብር
    ሆኖ ቅድመ ክፊያ 15ሺህ አለው።
    በቀንና በማታ መስራት

    Price: Br 300.00
    Posted Date: 1/14/2019
    Location: Addis Ababa

    Isuzu NPR
    • 2006 Model
    • Excellent condition
    Price: 560,000.00
    Tel: 0911037077

    Price: Br 560,000.00
    Posted Date: 9/28/2018
    Location: Addis Ababa

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