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* How do I Create an account on EZega Classifieds?
* How do I Post an Ad?(login required)
* How do I Find an Ad?
* How do I Edit / Remove my Ad?(login required)
* How do I Edit my profile?(login required)
* How do I Change my password?(login required)
* All Unanswered Questions

How do I create a new Ezega Classfieds account?
* You create an Ezega Classifieds account in three easy steps:
o Open Ezega Home page, in the login box click ‘New User’
o Fill in the required information and click ‘Submit’ Button. Make sure you entered correct values in all fields.
o You will be notified of an activation Email being sent to your registered Email account. Go to your email account, open the new email sent to your from Ezega classifieds and click the activation link. That will take you back to Ezega Home where you can login for the first time. You can choose to check ‘Remember Me’ to automatically login next time you open the Ezega Home.
* You can also create your new account by clicking the ‘Register’ button from the Ezega Classifieds page. Then you can follow the same procedure stated above. Notice that once you create an Ezea account, you can use it for Classifieds, Shopping, Jobs and so on. 

How do I post an Ad on Ezega Classifieds?
* To post an Ad first you login, click ‘post Ad’, fill in required information, select whether your ad is ‘For Sale’ or ‘Wanted’ and finally submit. You’ll be asked whether you want to upload pictures for your Ad in the next page. 

How do I find an Ad on Ezega Classifieds?
* You can use the menu at the left to manually select a category. Once you do that choose your subcategory and click an Ad to view in full detail. You can either choose ‘Sales Ads’ or ‘Wanted Ads’.
* Use the Search facility:
o In the search box enter your keyword, select a category and subcategory from the drop down button and hit ‘Begin Search’.
o Alternatively you can use ‘Advanced Search’ where you can fine tune your search by specifying more serach parameters.
* Available actions after that include responding to ad, sending ad as Email and bookmarking the Ad.

How do I remove my Ads?
* First you login, go to ‘My Ads’, Select the Ad you want to remove and click ‘Unlist’ at the right corner in the same row.

How do I edit my profile?
* Use the ‘Edit Profile’ button at the top after you login. Fill in your ‘Personal Details’ click next ‘Preferences’ and finally confirm, save and exit.

How do I change my password?
* Use the ‘Change password’ button at the top after you login. You’ll be asked to enter your old password, your new password and confirm your new password.

Unanwered Questions
* For other questions and answeres not included in this FAQ, please contat us at .