How to Write Perfect Cover Letter

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How to Write Perfect Cover Letter

Cover letter is a very important part of job application. You should write it with some thought as this is your first opportunity to connect with the hiring person. A poorly written cover letter will most likely disqualify you from further considerations as it shows either you don't care about the job or you are incompetent. Here are a few points to note in writing your cover letter:

- Cover letters must be one page or less

- Cover letters must be error-free

- Start with the right sample cover letter so you can customize it to fit your needs; you can download 5 free sample cover letters from Ezega Jobs

- Try to find name of the hiring manager so you can address directly. Otherwise, address it "Dear Hiring Manager:"

- Introduce yourself properly, like "I am thrilled to be applying for the open..."

- Acknowledge the job requirement of the company rather than just talking about yourself and your experience, regardless of fit

- Write a few nice things about the company and why you are interested in joinging

- Write a few things in your experience that you think will be useful to meet the stated job requirements

- Write how excited you are about the company and you are available for interview anytime

- Thank the hiring manager for his/her time and consideration

- Sign off properly - Like "Sincerely", "Best Regards", etc., and then your name below

The best way to write your perfect cover letter is to start with a sample cover letter and customize to suit your needs. Ezega Jobs has several sample cover letters you can download. Click here to download sample cover letters from Ezega Jobs.

You will also need the perfect resume that will go with your cover letter. Here is an article that will help you do that: 12 Costly Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid.

For more info, you may visit this excellent resource site for both resume and cover letter writing.

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