Why You May Be More Qualified Than You Think

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Posted Date : 17 Nov 2018 08:49 hrs

You-may-over-qualifiedMost, if not all of us, have ever experienced a situation in which we come across a job opportunity that we really like and then doubts set in about whether we are qualified for that role or not. Some people give up at this point while others try their luck anyway. The truth is, there are many reasons why you may be more qualified than you think. Here are some of them.

Your Fun Projects Are Relevant

One of the reasons why you may be more qualified than you think is the fact that some of your fun projects may be relevant to the job that you seek.

For example, that volunteer position you hold at your place of worship may have given you interpersonal and mobilization skills which are vital to the execution of the duties of the job that you imagine you are under-qualified for.

Look at your hobbies and “fun” projects each time you feel under-qualified for a role. Chances are you will unearth experiences and skills that make you suitable for the job.

Job Adverts Are Wish Lists

Another reason why it may not be right for you to think that you aren’t qualified for a role is that job adverts or job descriptions for that matter, are just wish lists written by HR professionals for an ideal candidate for a role.

It is therefore rare that the hiring manager will find someone that checks all the boxes on that wish list. The more likely outcome is that someone who possesses many of the core competencies required plus some desirable ones will be hired for the role.

You shouldn’t therefore rush to disqualify yourself just because you fall short on some sections of the job description provided. Just harness your skills and experiences and then shine at the interview. You just might get hired.

You Have Extensive Experience in the Industry

Hiring managers are usually interested in identifying the job applicant who has the highest chance of performing well in the available role. In this regard, the odds of being hired may be in your favor even if you lack sufficient experience in the role that was advertised but you have extensive experience in that industry.

Your job is therefore to show the hiring manager that you understand the role, its challenges and that you have the solutions that they seek. You will be hired if you are convincing as you present yourself as the right person for the job.

You are Passionate

Your passion for the work or industry may also be an important reason why you are more qualified than you think. Paper qualifications are abundant, but is rare to find truly passionate employees.

Many super successful people have been heard to say that they never worked a single day in their lives. Did such people just lounge around for their entire careers? Certainly not. In fact, it is possible that they put more hours into their work than your average employee does. Their passion for their work is what made them say they never worked a single day.

You too may be one of those people who are passionate about the field, industry or role. Hiring managers look out for people with passion because that passion gives the individual the drive to put long hours into their work and find solutions to any obstacle standing in the way of the completion of a project at work.

So, make sure that you convey your passion for the work as you interact with the recruiter or hiring manager. For example, you can cite examples of how you went over and above the call of duty to resolve a persistent problem at work. The passion with which you express yourself will be noticed by the hiring manager and you will be considered for the role even if you are underqualified on paper. Warren Buffet is said to have retained the manager at one of the companies Buffet bought just because he heard that that person unrolled tissue paper in order to confirm its length before signing a purchase contract. Now that is passion!

You Bring Fresh Ideas

A story is told of how a certain carmaker made a very beautiful custom car, but when it was time to take it from the manufacturing plant they discovered that it was too high to go through the doorway. Several engineers were called in to brainstorm solutions to this problem and their suggestions ranged from breaking part of the wall to let the car through, or re-engineering the car to make it smaller.

Meanwhile, the janitor was watching them and eventually offered to make a suggestion. They tried to brush him off (how could he solve what engineers had failed to solve?) but gave him a chance when he persisted.

He suggested that since the car was taller by just over an inch, they could deflate the tyres, move the car out, and then inflate them again. Everybody wondered at the brilliance yet simplicity behind that solution.

A fresh pair of eyes always brings new angles to any problem, and you may be that person who brings fresh ideas to the company. Don’t downplay your capacity to offer new ideas. Those ideas may be just what the company needs to inject new life into their products or services.

You are Quick at Adapting

Change is very hard for many of us to embrace. Many times, we put it off until we have no choice but to accept it. Similarly, many companies lag behind just because they haven’t developed the ability to adapt quickly to the changing times.

Think of Nokia as an example. The company went down nearly a decade ago even if they didn’t do anything wrong. Their one undoing was their inability to change with the times. Today, the company has been revived, but it may never regain the industry dominance it once had.

Adaptability may be the one reason why you may be more qualified than you think. How can you demonstrate adaptability to prospective employers? Show that you have acquired the latest skills in your industry. Show that you subscribe to cutting-edge industry publications to keep you updated on the trends within your industry. In this way, you may convince hiring managers that you are what they need to be nimble in an industry that keeps evolving rapidly.

As you can see, there may be many reasons to show why you are more qualified than you think. Just step back and take a bird’s eye view of yourself so that you identify the conventional and unconventional factors which show that you are more qualified for an open position than an initial observation would suggest. Then prepare accordingly and go for it!

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