What Job Seekers Can Learn from Politicians

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Posted Date : 26 Nov 2018 14:47 hrs

What-job-seekers-can-learn-from-politiciansOne of the methods that successful people use to ease their way through the different challenges that they face is by borrowing techniques and solutions from other areas of life and using those methods to find a way out of the predicament they are facing. Job seekers who want to secure their dream jobs might be well advised to use that tactic too. This article discusses what job seekers can learn from politicians and apply it to the job search process.

Hone Your Communication Skills

If you have observed politicians carefully, you may have realized that the most successful ones are the ones who are the best communicators. Communication is invaluable in marketing oneself to voters. The same necessity arises when you are job hunting.

Think of the hiring manager or interviewers as the voters that you need to convince to give you their vote. Those votes will not come your way if you don’t communicate in a way that will resonate with your target audience.

It is therefore important for you to learn how to put across your message concisely and clearly. Practice your communication skills at every opportunity, such as when talking to strangers, so that you get it right when facing a hiring manager or interviewer.

Pay Attention to Non-Verbal Cues

You may be aware that communication happens at more than the verbal level. Actually, the non-verbal elements of communication often reveal the true message of a speaker or someone communicating.

Politicians know this and do everything possible to sync their non-verbal cues to the spoken word. For example, they smile and offer a firm handshake when interacting with the people they want votes from.

In the same vein, you also need to master how to use non-verbal communication to your advantage during the job search process. Leaning forward slightly as you listen to an interviewer, for example, shows that person that you are paying close attention to what they have to say. Consequently, you will send a subconscious message that you are serious about the job opportunity.

Be Truthful

In politics, one little lie can ruin you once the truth comes out. The reality is, the truth always comes out, no matter how much time elapses. Nonetheless, some politicians try to woo voters by embellishing the information they are putting across. The lie may work for a while, but it soon backfires spectacularly.

Don’t ever get snared by lying during the job search process. For instance, don’t withhold information about your criminal history if that is the reason why a gap exists in your resume.

Such a lie will lead a recruiter or hiring manager to doubt you so much that you will no longer be a contender for the role available. Similarly, it is unwise to lie about your skills since they will be put to the test and the fraudulent basis upon which you got the job will be exposed.

Private Conversations Count

Many a politician has been ruined by the comments he or she made when a microphone stayed on when the politician thought it was off. Additionally, the statements that politicians make during private conversations can later end up in the public domain and hit those politicians hard in case those statements show a contradiction between what they profess in public and what they do in private.

How does this apply to the process of looking for a job? Your private conversations may include what you post online, such as on your social media accounts. Do you have photos taken when you were visibly drunk during a late night party? Have you vented on social media about your previous employer?

Those posts and pictures may seem innocent. Nevertheless, prospective employers are increasingly going online in order to learn about the people they want to hire. Anything inappropriate that turns up during an online search can therefore cost you the job you badly want. Thus, it pays to clean your digital footprint as soon as you decide to start looking for a job. A simple Google search can show you what others may find when they look you up. Use that search to identify what needs to be deleted in order to increase your credibility.

Research Pays Incredible Dividends

The importance of research is another item on the list of what job seekers can learn from politicians. This is because politicians conduct extensive research about their voters in order to write campaign speeches that will touch the hearts and minds of those voters.

For instance, it would be foolhardy for a politician to speak in favor of white supremacy when addressing a campaign rally in a location that has thousands of people from minority races. Similarly, voters would be unmoved if a politician talked about unemployment in a neighborhood where hardly anyone is out of a job. Political messages deliver the traction desired if those messages are informed by detailed research about the target constituency.

Job seekers can draw lessons and research thoroughly during each step of their quest for a dream job. For instance, it helps to know as much as you can about the company for which you intend to interview. You will therefore be more confident during interviews if you go armed with information about the role and the company.

Let Your Personality Shine

Charisma gives politicians incredible mileage during the dash to the finish line at election time. However, charisma often has nothing to do with paper qualifications and experience. Instead, it is a factor of personality. Bland politicians who cannot work up the voters often get ignored when it is time to vote.

Similarly, job seekers whose personality doesn’t showcase those individuals positively end up losing to candidates who display the right personality for the role. Consequently, it is imperative that you brand yourself properly as you look for a job.

An example of how you can brand yourself appropriately is by showing how you volunteered in support of a charity at different times in your life. Such charity work reveals the causes for which you are passionate, and the recruiter or hiring manager will be able to connect that passion with the role available.

Have a Strategy

It is noteworthy for you to remember that politicians never hit the campaign trail without a clear strategy. Think of a campaign strategy as the plan which will be followed in order to get the politician elected to office.

A proper plan or strategy stipulates the different steps or actions one needs to take in order to attain a stated objective. You too need to have a strategy that will secure the job you desire. Who will you network with? How will you craft your resume to capture the attention of recruiters and hiring managers? How will you conduct yourself during the interview? How will you dress? Design a strategy and tweak it as you go along if you discover that some aspects of that strategy aren’t getting you where you want to be. Eventually, you will reach your goal.

The suggestions of what job seekers can learn from politicians in the discussion above show that the positive transfer of information can take place in innumerable situations. Take the lessons offered seriously and implement them in your job hunt. You will be pleasantly surprised the moment those tips bring tangible results in record time.

By Ambrose O for Ezega Jobs

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