The Best Gardening Tips for An Enthusiastic Gardner

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Best-gardening-tipsThe lovers of maintaining the lush green beauty of green grass, beautiful plants, giant trees, and beautifully colored flowers in their home garden certainly follow the best gardening techniques they know. Whether you own a small garden, or a plush, spacious and handsome lawn, the passion of gardening for a true enthusiast remain the same. If this is you, brace yourself to learn the best gardening tips for an enthusiastic gardener here. If you own a cool space and have a driving force to enjoy the beauty of a self-maintained garden, you have already covered a milestone. As gardening will in reality demand your sweat, time, and a fair amount of money. Without further ado, let dig into this area and find out what's hiding there, 

•    Examine Well Before Buying A New Plant

The first line of defense to keep your garden safe from any disease is a thorough examination of any new plant you intend to buy. This is definitely one of the best gardening tips for an enthusiastic gardener, as most of the gardeners do not dwell much on this point. In love of the plants, most people tend to grab whatever plant they see and like without giving it a thorough check. However, not most of us really know the symptoms of a diseased plant. For that, it is highly recommended purchasing some gardening magazines and related books to learn to differentiate the difference between a healthy plant and a diseased plant. As none of us would like to welcome a disease into our garden knowingly or unknowingly.

•    Keep Your Garden Clean from Insects

Damage to the plants through insects is one of corridors for further harm through bacterial or viral infection. Viruses or bacteria attack the plants through the openings created by bugs, or insects. And this situation makes the insects carriers or transporters of microorganisms in the plant. Additionally, when these microorganisms attack the plant, (being a viral attack), your whole garden can be ruined. Moreover, the plants attacked by the insects became more vulnerable, distressed and lose endurance to tolerate environmental stress. Consequently, all your hard work can be ruined within weeks. In order to avoid any of these harsh circumstances from taking over, be a vigilant and take rounds of your garden daily. Plus, having a good spray of insecticide is extremely necessary for every season. 

•    Watering

To absorb the nutrients, to take up the food in every nook and corner, and to nurture with the best physical conditions, watering is exceedingly vital for the plants. Set one time in a day to water, (early morning is definitely the best), and just remember to water daily.

•    Use A High Quality Fertilizer

The right type and quality of fertilizer guarantee persistent growth of the plants. By adding fertilizers, you keep plants protected from environmental stress conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, and drought. Moreover, it increases the strength of plants to fight against diseases. As the fertilizer is the basic source of all the necessary nutrients of the plant, so in the absence of these essential nutrients the plant growth slows down and is depicted with their short size, spotted leaves, and harshly affected appearance. Hence, the right amount of fertilizer addition to the soil is super important. While it has loads of great benefits to the plants, the addition of excessive amount of fertilizer can prove extremely harmful to the plant. To be sure about the type of fertilizer to use, it is highly advisable to have your soil tested to find out what nutrients are there in the soil, and what others it will need.

•    Consistent Rounds of Pruning

Trimming the unnecessary and hugely grown parts of plants is exceptionally important for the right growth of the plant. Be sure to give a little trim to your plants in the late winters, and not when the spring is blooming in the garden, as it is certainly wise to prepare your tree or a shrub to perfectly to grow in the springs. Pruning or trimming is not only necessary for the upwards and healthy growth of the plant, but it also enhances the appealing and attractive value of the plant as well. Another massive benefit of pruning in the later times of winter is that, at the start of the spring season, no disease will affect the new growth.  

•    Keep Your Garden Clean

Cleanliness pays off well everywhere and in your garden as well. Especially in the fall, when the dried leaves and cut bushes are spread here and there with a gust of cool breeze, cleaning became compulsory. No matter what sort of climate you live in, removal of debris from your garden can feel a blessing. One important note, the debris of dried and dead leaves can be a highly dangerous source of diseases, and once they grow in there, the diseases can attack the new leaves in the spring as well. So, keeping your garden clean will not only increase the beauty of your garden, but will also keep it safe from diseases, attack of bugs, and microorganisms as well. 

•    Select the Site of each Plant Properly

A shade-loving plant cannot perfectly grow in the beaming sun rays, and a plant that needs excessive hours of sunlight will get stressed when kept in the shades. Poor placement of the plants makes them live out of their natural comfort zone, making them vulnerable to attacks by the insects, developing disease and reduce their tolerance against environmental changes. If plants are not placed well and are consequently stressed, their immune system will become weak with every passing day, and they will not be able to fight against any kind of external pressure with full zeal and strength. To avoid all these stressed circumstances for the plants, be well informed about the type of plants you have, where they'll grow the best, andwhat their most important requirements are before placing them in your garden.

By Amna A for Ezega Blogs

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