Eat Fitness Foods and Enjoy A Great Body Shape

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Fitness-FoodsWho doesn't want a great body shape? You feel internally healthy, attractive and look smart, too! The logical and simplest way of doing that is to start eating fresh. To look beautiful and physically fit, you will need daily workouts as well as the right meals. You must be very wise to know and make your daily meal schedule, as much as your working out hours. So start here and learn how to eat fitness foods and enjoy a great body shape.

Following is a list of scientifically recommended, and nutritionally packed fitness food that will help you achieve your goal. 

1.    Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are a natural wonder, which are nothing but energy boosters. These include dried apricots, mango, raisins, etc. Dried fruits are loaded with natural potassium, fiber, vitamins, and numerous minerals. Physicians recommend eating a handful of dried fruits on daily basis, as it ensures your mental health, physical fitness, and help you fight against diseases. While working out, you can make different portions of dried fruits and have them at every lapse of running. This will boost up your energy tremendously.

2.    Dark Chocolate

Well, most of you will definitely be excited to know that the most loved chocolate is marked as a fitness food. It has been researched that people who ate dark chocolate before cycling have experienced increased levels of antioxidants in the blood, and the stress on the muscles was less than the people who hadn't had any chocolate. In order to take an instant boost in your energy level, having a bit of dark chocolate can really be helpful. You can enjoy dark chocolate in various ways, such as have it individually, drizzle it on fresh fruits, add in smoothies, or sprinkle it in salads.     

3.    Beetroot Juice

This ruby red natural gem, beetroot, is enriched with magical qualities, ensuring benefit for various aspect of health, including internal systems as well as fresh looking skin. Once you are healthy from the inside, your body will show off amazing changes in your shape, skin glow, and fitness. Beetroot, whether eaten as is or in juice form, boosts your internal energy more than the caffeine and others put together. Most of the energy boosting supplements available in the market add beetroot to enhance the beneficial effects. 

4.    Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are the healthier replacement of the regular potatoes. They havie the same consistency as the regular potatoes, but also enhance the positive impact on health. Sweet potatoes are loaded with so many amazing nutrients including vitamin C, iron, fiber, potassium electrolyte, and beta-carotene. This not only fulfills your appetite by having a small quantity of food, but also increase the disease-fighting abilities of your body. The minerals also help in shedding off the muscle cramps. And, for the pleasure of your palette, you can bake, mash, or cook a pie. All in all, it can be a heaven on a plate. 

5.    Bananas

Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and are the source of tremendous energy with the presence of carbohydrates. Potassium brilliantly helps in reducing muscle cramps, making banana excellent food to take before, during or after your daily workout. Not only the food part, but researchers have found that the banana peel is also loaded with even more quantity of potassium, leptin that protects eyes, and serotonin that is a natural mood booster. So next time you are going to blend it for smoothie, use a whole banana. 

6.    Blueberries

Blueberries have elevated levels of free radicals that travel all around the body and fight antioxidants. Antioxidants are the major cause of cell damage and premature aging of the cells. The free radicals break them down and help the body to flourish in a healthy manner. Moreover, blueberries have fewer quantities of calories in comparison with other fruits. You can have smoothies or enjoy this superfood as is.

7.    Salmon

People often take supplements that provide them with omega 3 fatty acids. Instead, you can take this nutrient naturally by eating the wondrous fish - salmon. Omega 3 fatty acid efficiently enhance your heart health and also boost your memory. In addition to that, salmon is a wholesome source of protein that rebuilds, strengthens and fills up your muscles with energy. 

8.    Tart Cherries

Fresh tart cherries improve your inner strength, reduce pain, and help you in different strenuous activities. Cherries produce in the late summer season, but you can find dried and frozen cherries in the market at any time. Bring it home, make cherry juice, and freshen up during your fitness training sessions. All kinds of cherries bring in refreshing flavor to your palette and are also amazing sources of energy. 

9.    Pomegranate

Pomegranate is packed with antioxidants which are associated with brain-boosting effect and enhanced muscle strength. Researchers have found numerous effects of these antioxidants in improving different aspects of human health. Pomegranate is available easily in the winter season, but a frozen portion of this fruit also have the same characteristics. You can crush it and have juice, eat it separately after seasoning with salt, or prepare a salad with oatmeal, greens, and parfaits. Making salad is definitely the most appealing, delicious and healthy option to go for. 

10.    Tomatoes

Tomatoes are an incredible source of vitamin C and lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant that is responsible for red color of tomato. Researchers have found its role in preventing the chances of prostate cancer in males. There is a long list of fitness benefits of tomatoes, as it also helps in reducing your body weight. Tomato is enriched naturally with weight loss hormones including leptin. One of many functions of leptin is in the regulation of appetite and metabolic rate of food.

There you go! Take this list as your guide to eating fitness foods and enjoy a great body shape. The most important thing is to be ambitious and determined to be physically fit, and then just start eating fitness foods and enjoy a great body shape.

By Amna A. for Ezega Blogs

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