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Guide to Choose Right Foods For Your Health

Every one of us wants to lead a happy and healthy life, but simultaneously get stuck with a few extremely harmful and unhealthy food options. In today's age of overwhelming technological advancements and progression of the internet all around the globe, it has become extremely hard for all of us to get rid of our mobile phones and start some exercise or go for a little walk in refreshing daylight. To mend things, the first thing that you can do is to switch to nutritionally rich healthy diet. You will start observing huge changes in your health within a few weeks of this healthy change. 

Here is a little guide telling about the specific nutrient-rich foods. You can choose refreshingly delicious things from the list and can easily make a healthy, colorful, and tasty dish out of all. Hope it will help you a lot!

•    Calcium Rich Food Sources

Calcium is one of the much-needed nutrients for the perfect health of our mind and physique. The strength of our bones is dependent upon the lavish supply of calcium through food. People who fail to maintain the needed balance of calcium in the body develop various disorders concerning bones such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and many others. 

Following are the major sources of calcium that you can include in your diet: Broccoli, dairy substitutes, sardines, leafy greens, nonfat dairy.

•    Potassium Rich Food Sources

Potassium is a much-needed nutrient to maintain a healthy mental activity, proper regulation of muscle contraction, perfect nerve functions, balanced regulation of fluids, and numerous others. Deficiency of potassium in your blood can cause paralysis of the gut, rapid muscle breakdown, various stomach problems, muscle ache, fatigue, numbness of hands and arms, shortness in breathing and various other devastating problems.

Here is a list of foods that are enriched with potassium: Bananas, raisins, cantaloupe, spinach, nuts, dark greens, and fish.

•    Fiber Rich Food Sources

Fiber is super essential for your body, as it lowers down the cholesterol level, helps in reducing constipation, maintains the bowel movement, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and also helps in various other ways. Deduction of fibers from your diet can cause you real damages with respect to mental and physical health.

Raspberries, fruits and vegetables, seeds, brans, whole grain foods, apples, legumes, and carrots.

•    Magnesium Rich Food Sources

Your body needs magnesium to carry out numerous biochemical reactions. A major amount of magnesium is present in the bones, about 60%, while other 40% is present in the soft tissues, blood, and muscles. Scientists have revealed that there are more than 600 biochemical reactions in our body that need the presence of magnesium to complete. Through these chemical reactions, your body generates energy, maintain genetic balance. improve muscle improvement, regulate your nervous system, help in making new proteins, and several others. 
In addition to these vital functions, magnesium also improves your mood and decrease the levels of depression, and anxiety. Boost in the brain function, by increasing the focus and concentration, improving memory and several others. 

Magnesium also protects your body against diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, and others.  

Following are some foods that can improve levels of magnesium in your body! 
Peas, almonds, black beans and spinach.

•    Vitamin A Rich Food Sources

Vitamin is naturally available in various foods and is vital for many functions of your body. The efficient immune system, normal vision, healthy reproductive system, and maintenance of health of heart, kidneys, and liver are some of the vital and major benefits of vitamin A in our body. People who fail to maintain a healthy balance of vitamin A in their body can suffer from conditions like xerophthalmia (inability of eyes to see in the presence of low light), blindness, and different other eyesight related issues. 

Here are some of the foods that are natural sources of vitamin A and can fulfill your body's need for this nutrient: Milk, eggs, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

•    Vitamin C Rich Food Sources

Vitamin C has been recommended as one of the topmost much-needed nutrients for the human body by the experts. Some people consider it the cure of common cold, but in fact, taking vitamin C from natural sources can prevent you from the harsh effects of cold weather. In addition to that, there is a long list of health benefits of vitamin C. A few of which are, protection against cardiovascular diseases, deficiencies in the immune system, eye diseases, skin wrinkling, dark spots, and various parental health issues. 

Natural sources of vitamin C are enough to meet the recommended quantities of this nutrient. Understand this by a simple measurement that only a cup of orange juice is enough to fulfill your daily needs for vitamin C. 

Following is some natural foods that are an excellent source of vitamin C: Oranges, green and red bell peppers, kiwi, broccoli, strawberries, and tomatoes.

•    Vitamin E Rich Food Sources

Vitamin E helps your body in fighting against cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes, cataracts, Alzheimer's disease, and various other destructive diseases. Maintaining the levels of the vitamin are beneficial for your immune system, the health of your skin and eyes, and numerous other body's functions. In addition to that, vitamin E also serves as an antioxidant consequently helping the cells from damage caused with age. 

You can maintain the nutritional balance of vitamin E by taking the following foods in your diet!
Avocado, dark green and leafy vegetables, spinach, seeds, nuts, whole grain foods, and seeds.

There you go. This list will definitely help you in improving your daily diet, All these foods are enriched with amazingly incredible nutrients and have a high potential of making delicious recipes. One quick tip is that you must include a salad in your daily diet. This is an ideal way to switch to a healthy diet. Once you are well determined in your mind, it will become super easy for you to switch to nutritionally rich healthy diet. 

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