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Weird-royal-rules-Meghan-MarkelBeing a royal is not all about enjoying a privileged life, glamorous gowns, sparkling tiaras, and living in palaces as you might think. Far from it. The British royal family is famous (to a certain extent notorious) for having weird rules every royal must follow in order to be liked (approved more say!) by the queen. Because of these rules, some rebellious royal personalities come into the highlight, and none other than the lovely Princess Diana stands top in that list. And now, Meghan Markel, the newest additionton the royal family is making headlines for not following these rules. Here, I have compiled a few of the rules (some silly, some boring), so that you know what Meghan Markel has to do right to fit in.

1.    Wear Natural Makeup Only

Most of us love natural makeup, and in the modern age, nude makeup has certainly been the hit. But if it is mandatory to wear only natural makeup, and not to appear wearing anything bright, then the regulations surely become strange. Well, this is the Royal rule that all the women of the royal family must keep their makeup modest and natural. You will never observe any woman ever wearing a bright colored lipstick, popping eyeshadow, or intense blush. The rules require that they look beautiful naturally, always.

2.    Perfectly Stylized Hairdo

When it comes to hairstyles, neat and clean appearing hairdos are an obligation before any public appearances. With open hair, they definitely be blowout. During royal festivities, efficiently made buns are among the most liked hairstyles. Additionally, Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing a ponytail, which is a fresh addition, but that must also be beautifully kept without any mess. And yes, While talking about the mess, messy buns or any other kinds of messy hairstyles are a definite No!

3.    Flawlessly Groomed Nails

Nails have also been under the umbrella of Royal rules. With no exception, keeping nails impeccably groomed is exceptionally necessary. Long nails are not allowed for any royal woman at all. Properly cut, manicured, and perfectly shaped nails are mandatory before stepping out for any sort of public appearance. 

4.    Modesty is a Must

There you have it! Meghan wearing black one-shoulder dress in a fashion show that has raised eyebrows among the diehard royal family fans. It also made headlines for several days. Modesty, or in royal terminology natural elegance, posh look, or sophisticated appearance no matter what the occasion is, is non-negotiable for the British royal family. Looking classy, chic, and stylish, while keeping a humble smile, and attractive aura are a must for every royal member. Hence, that is why you will never notice any other expression, but smile with every royal all the time. 

5.    Natural or Pink Nail Polish on Nails

Queen truly dislikes brightly colored nails! It is difficult to believe when seeing her always wearing neon color dresses. But, when it comes to nail polishes, no nail polish or just a light shade of pink is what ispermitted for the British royal women. A hint of soft pink nail polish is worn by the royal women on all occasions. And you must have remembered the nude shade Meghan Markel was wearing while revealing her engagement ring before the press. Yeah, that was when she started being a Royal!

6.    No Showing of Cleavage

Making to the weird rule list by the royal family includes the no showing of cleavage rule. Royal women always wear dresses that are modest and do not show off much of skin. That being said, Princess Diana was renowned for wearing dresses with plunging necklines. But in order to follow the family rules, she used to have a matching clutch that she put before her chest while stepping outside the cars, hence hiding the cleavage. Yeah, it was a clever move and we loved it.

7.    Formal Hats at All Daytime Events

Hats are among the most British stuff, and keeping up with the historic traditions. All royal women should be covering their heads with stylish hats while attending celebratory or moaning events. Following these Royal rules, American, Canadian or any other national celebrities also dress up wearing hats on royal occasions. In a recent royal wedding, Demi Moore, Priyanka Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, and several other celebrities have been spotted wearing gorgeous hats.  

8.    Always Have a Black Outfit While Travelling

One of the weird rules every royal must follow is to have an all-black outfit in your suitcase before going away. This is to ensure that you arrive in a proper mourning look, in case of sudden death when you are away from the home. This rule definitely is an extension of always looking modest, and prepared.

9.    Wearing A Tiara is Allowed only to Married Girls

And the list goes on and on! Yes, when the crowns are the property of royals and they must have the liberty to wear them whenever they want to. But the touch of strict rules by the Queen has covered these jewels as well. First, only the married royal women are allowed to wear tiaras. Consequently, the unmarried princesses are not allowed to wear any tiaras at any event. Furthermore, the married woman must place the crown/ tiara on their head at a precise 45 degrees angle. Way weird, wouldn't you say?

And speaking of tiaras, another ridiculous British Royal rule is that the royal woman must change her hat with a tiara after the clock has ticked 6 p.m during an indoor event. 

10.    Wedge is Not Allowed

Queen does not like wedge heels. More precisely, she hates these heels, according to several reports. Consequently, while you are scrolling through the photos of the British royal family, it is extremely unlikely that you will find any royal woman wearing wedge heels. 

11.    No Sleeping Before the Queen Sleeps

Yes, no matter how much sleepy or tired a royal is feeling, she or he cannot set off to bed if the queen is wide awake.

By Amna A for Ezega Blogs

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