Strange Diets Followed By Famous Celebrities

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BeyonceSeeing our favorite celebrities in magazine shoots, TV appearances and movies makes all of us mesmerized by their fabulous figures and amazing looks. And most of us truly want to know much about the strange diets followed by famous celebrities to attain such refined and tonned body. To be in the business, and to be fit for a role, being in a perfect shape is extremely necessary. And you will truly be amazed to know the diet plans they follow. Here is a list of some of these super strange diets adopted by the celebrities. Give it a read and you will definitely shock yourself on a few. 

•    Taking Baby Food To Shed Off Extra Pounds

Undeniably strange enough! It certainly seems odd to eat baby food as a weight reducing diet, knowing well enough that mothers feed their babies with nutritionally rich food. This extraordinarily strange diet plan is advised by famous Hollywood fitness trainer Tracy Anderson, and after numerous social media fuss, it gained real importance. Reese Witherspoon was reported to have taken this diet plan which includes eating several breakfast and lunch supplements consisting of 14 filled jars of delicious, yet gooey baby food. 
To much of our amazement, Jennifer Aniston has also been rumored to have given this plan a try.

•    Master Cleansing through Lemonade Diet

Reading the word Lemonade, the only personality comes to mind is Beyonce. And if you have her in mind, then you are absolutely right. Beyonce is the one who has opted religiously to this cleansing diet, and numerous in response tried to follow her footsteps, and many in doing so have failed. Beyonce made this diet globally famous, but she herself read about it from the "The Master Cleanser" book by Stanley Burroughs. Among the prominent pros of this lemonade diet are its simple steps to follow and fast results. It includes drinking only an elixir formed by mixing lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. Surely easy to make but being on track is excruciatingly difficult. This diet comes with a long-term plan, which increases the chances of gaining weight soon and faster. 

•    Reducing Weight By Eating Nothing But the Cookies

The cookie diet has long been famous, since the 70s to be very precise, among Hollywood stars. Recently, this diet been hit headlines again when the "Jersey Shore" reality TV celebrity Snooki Polizzi started following this Dr. Seigal's planned cookie diet. She started following this diet before getting pregnant with her baby to lose weight. Snookie told in an interview, “I eat six cookies a day, and then I have, like, chicken for dinner, or fish -- something healthy,”.  Eating scrumptious cookies and then to lose a tremendous amount of weight surely seems a great fun. Knowing a huge variety of cookies including, banana cookie, coconut cookies, classic blueberry cookies, oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, raisins cookies and a dozen more, makes this a definite lucrative plan to adapt. Particularly, cookies including in this diet must be Kosher verified, vegetarian, and made with all natural ingredients, in order to do good rather than increasing fattening your body.

•    Getting a Fabulous Shape through Apple Cider Vinegar

Absolutely stunning, and superbly skilled Megan Fox hit the Page 3 by promoting this diet even before promoting her movie. She followed the apple cider vinegar diet to be perfectly slim and elegantly smart for her role in the "Transformers". This diet particularly is done to cleanse your body's systems and to free your body from fat. While giving an interview Megan Fox said, “I’m not one for dieting or exercising because I’m lazy and I have a really big sweet tooth, so I have to do cleanses every once in a while because of the amount of sugar I take in,”. This definitely made its mark in strange diets followed by famous celebrities.

•    Adapting Alkaline or pH Diet for an Attractive Figure

Alkaline diet surely feels extremely bizarre even by only hearing its name. This diet was followed by Kristen Dunst, the "Spider-Man" actress. The basic concept behind eating alkaline or high pH food is that your body starts gaining weight and become vulnerable to inflammations after eating loads of acidic foods which include meat such as proteins, dairy products, and all the favorite junk food. This, in order to nullify the effect pose by these acidic foods, in this diet it is suggested that you consume alkaline food to balance the acidic ratio of food going in your body. Hence, people following the alkaline diet consume green leafy vegetables more often in their diet.

•    Fasting for Consecutive 16 Hours a Day!

Our favorite "Wolverine" star, Hugh Jackman followed a rigorous diet and exercise schedule in order to build his muscles and perfect physical shape to get fit in this role. He followed an exceedingly difficult diet plan in which consumption of only 5000 calories was allowed in a day from 10 am till 6 pm. He told in an interview, “I’m quite a skinny person by nature, so I’m eating ridiculous amounts of food. What I do is I eat everything in an eight-hour period. It’s called the 16-8 diet. For 16 hours of the day, I fast, so I don’t eat. So between 10 in the morning and 6 at night -- this is why I’m burping because I ate a steak literally before I came out" 

•    Eating Whatever Can Fit in Your Palm

Called as "Five Hands Diet", is followed by the lean and smart Victoria Beckham after giving birth to her daughter. To get off a bulging weight, this diet did wonder without making her weak yet gorgeously appealing instead. In this diet plan, you have to eat palm-sized portions of foods which have high protein content such as eggs, berries, nuts, and salmon. While drinking loads of water and if you are feeling hungry for small snacks then get on green vegetables. 

By Amna A. for Ezega Blogs

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