Take a Look at Kim Kardashian's Jaw-Dropping Fitness Routine

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Kim-Kardashian-Exercise-RoutineWe all get amazed by how incredible Kim Kardashian look in anything she wears. No matter where she is going, what show she is stopping by, or just casually filming a short video while having fun with her kids. She always looks flawless. Here, you will get to take a look at Kim Kardashian's jaw-dropping fitness routine to get inspired.

•    Having A Trustworthy and Expert Fitness Trainer

Kim Kardashian West never chose anything but the best. With that quality in mind, when it comes to hiring a fitness trainer, she has always worked with celebrity trainers. Don-A-Matrix and a great Kardashian-Jenner family friend Gunnar Peterson are two of the most famous ones. Particularly, when Kim K gained more than 50 pounds of pregnancy weight while she was pregnant with her second child, Kim K turned to an Instagram famous bodybuilder who had posted post-pregnancy fitness routine, and through that instagram post, she deviated her lifestyle to a much healthier one, loaded with numerous exercise routines. Making to the list of Kim K's personal fitness trainers is the very talented Melissa Alcantara, who has been a real help for Kim in maintaining her beautifully toned and gorgeously shaped physical assets in an incredible way. You can check out a glimpse of what fun they do together on Kim K's Instagram account.

She told in an interview, "Kim takes care of her nutrition, recovery, and shows up to train super hard every time, even though she has a myriad of responsibilities as a social media phenom, businesswoman, mother, wife, and all-around amazing human being," Owning to the incredible work that Melissa has done with Kim, she admired her in such a polite manner with a Instagram post with a caption, "I am firm and less cellulite [sic] and so much more confident. SO THANK YOU for waking up at 5 am to do crazy bodybuilding workouts & sprints that I hate & putting me on to this lifestyle."

•    Use of Various Equipment to Add Flexibility and Enhance Resistance

You will be amazed by knowing what an incredible range of equipment Kim use to attain that great body shape that millions admire. She has shared several posts showing off her "fitness stuff" on Instagram and on a snapshot as well. And our admiration of her perfectly shaped body arose more, as it certainly is achieved through strenuous workout 24/7. She revealed through her post on Snapchat last year a bunch of her fitness equipment which includes stability ball, medicine balls, and battle ropes, all this stuff delivers a range of difficulty levels, and also a lot about her range of physical strain and increase in the muscular strength through it.

•    Giving Loads of Time to Butt Exercises

Kim Kardashian has particularly made her mark in the mainstream circle through the viral admiration of her huge and perfectly rounded butts through an incredible strength of social media coverage. Hence, maintenance of her popularity mark certainly resides at the top of the priority list of being in shape. Her trainer stated that "For anyone looking to get a serious butt workout, it takes more than just one move. But if I had to choose, it would be weighted hip thrusts, which seriously work glutes and hamstring muscles."  as Kim has mastered the butt exercises, she explains  "Just how Kim learned the hard way, you'll need to learn how to squat (front and back squats in all variations), deadlift, and lunge with heavy-ass weights,". Kim particularly does target exercises for her butts. Saying that her fitness trainer says that doing targetted muscular exercises is great but it is also extremely necessary to give relaxation to your muscles, let them breathe in a refreshing way to achieve what you want them to be.

•    A Hardcore Core Workout in All Exercise Routines

All of Kim Kardashian's workout routines have a must inclusion of core exercises. Her fitness trainer told in an interview that hamstring curl machine is Kim's all-time favorite one. This machine tone up your body's glutes and core muscles in a single go. Additionally, core exercise is much needed for the enhancement of your stamina, body's flexibility, and inner strength. Her trainer has shared simple yet superbly effective core workout that Kim does. It includes reverse v-ups, lying leg lifts, and abs bicycle mixed with a clap, do all of these in 4 sets with 12 to 20 reps. Yeah, try it and see the difference that a single thing makes to your body's shape. Everyone who wanted to take a look at Kim Kardashian's jaw-dropping fitness routine must note this.

•    For Her, One Time is Not Enough!

She is incredibly indulged in being fit and giving her body all the attentive time that it needs. Her workouts are not restricted to single time a day, rather she tends to squeeze in any extra time before shooting, various commitments or filming, and start doing exercises. Seeing what she posts on her Instagram, it is obvious that she never let down her physical health and her body's beautiful shape. Her trainer told INSIDER, "I'd suggest focusing on being balanced, healthy, and strong, which is exactly what Kim is doing. You want great legs? You need a strong back. You want a strong back? You need a strong core. You want a strong core? You need strong arms. You want your butt to grow nice and strong? You need to train your entire body with focus and intensity,". 

•    A Must Inclusion of Leg Shaping Exercises

Beautifully shaped legs are her purely exquisite physical asset, and sure she knows that very well. For maintaining the accentuating curvy beauty of her legs, a hard workout is required, and for that, her fitness trainer is there. Melissa describe the inner strength and determination as "She knows what it takes, but it's also really grueling. It's heavy, it's killer, but she'll be like, 'Alright, let's do it!' She's a workhorse." Kim never skips workout of legs whatsoever, and that determination is the reason she looks that stunning in all the pictures.

By Amna A. for Ezega Entertainment

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