Easy Gardening Tips for the Beginners

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Gardening-Tips-BeginnersFor all the gardening enthusiasts who want to grow a beautiful garden at home, here are some of the easy gardening tips for the beginners that will help you develop a lusciously green and exuberant garden without any hassle. You will find these tips easy to follow and definitely inexpensive.

•    Choose Appropriate Container Having Proper Soil Drainage Hole

Before starting any sort of plantation, it is exceptionally vital to make your place suitable for the growth of vegetables, fruits or beautiful flowers. Apart from the enrichment of soil to be used as a garden, the containers must also be perfectly prepared to welcome the seeds and then their growth properly. Being living organisms, plants need proper light, air, and water, so to be sure that your seeded plant does not get suffocated with plenty of water, there must be good drainage holes at the bottom of the container. And these holes then will be covered with a layer of small pebbles or rocks. This rock bedding creates a path for water to seep through, duplicating the natural earth/ soil that has aeration spaces within. 

•    Composting is the Key for Nutrients Enriched Soil

Compost is the major source of nutrients that are exceptionally important for the preparation of soil to nurture plants. If you do not know how to compost now, then you got to learn it eventually to be a have an extraordinarily flourishing garden of your own. If you are enthusiastic enough to grow organic vegetables, and fresh fruits in your a lush green and vibrantly colored garden, then you'll become a pro in composting in no time. Taking the science of composting into account, it is extremely simple to do, as you just need to save food waste which includes peels of fruits and vegetables, egg shells, and coffee grinds. Right temperature and time will eventually result in great compost for the enrichment of your soil.

•    Perfect Location for Plants to Get Air and Light

For proper growth of any plant, it requires a constant and consistent supply of aeration and sunlight. Some plants require more sunlight than others as some plants need more time in the shade to grow properly. Hence, depending upon the type of plant you are growing, placement of the plant should be done accordingly. 

•    Plantation of Seeds in the Right Season

Before purchasing new seeds, learn all the requirements needed for its growth. There are different plant species for winter and summer season, requiring a different amount of sunlight and water in a day. Hence, keep a chart of these things and take care of plants accordingly.

•    Take a Great Care of Regular Watering

Access to excessive plant is greatly significant for the plant, but be sure not to water the plant's leaves. Wet leaves invite rot, mold, or sickness to the whole plant. If you are wondering about the right amount of water for the plant's proper growth, then watering a plant an inch a week is the general rule of thumb by the experts. If you observe yellow leaves than it is the indication of over-watering.

•    Organic Choices for a Healthy and Rich Soil

Such as you require organic food, your soil requires it as well. This includes pest control, proper fertilization, availability of all the necessary nutrients and also use of high-quality seeds. But an excess of any of these things can prove harmful. Therefore, be vigilant of the amount of every chemical you are putting in your soil. 

•    Timely Pruning and Trimming

Smooth and excellent growth of plant requires timely pruning. Not all the plants can be pruned at a single specific time of the year, rather pruning or trimming time is specific for particular species of the plant. You can check from the local environment department about what are the easiest growing plants in your vicinity, and when is the right time to prune them in a yearly schedule.

•    Make a Fancy Looking Yet Simple Maintaining Gardening Book of Your Own

Making your own gardening profile may sound fancy but once you dig in, you'll definitely start looking its incredibly beneficial effects in the long run. This is like a simple scrapbook in which you can add all the tiny details of every plant in the garden. Place a picture, add a name, mention the date of the plantation, where from the seeds bought, and the place you've planted it in the garden. And as soon as these plants will grow, you can add the pictures of these plants. In the long run, this little but detailed book will guide you about what to plant, where to plant for optimum growth, and seeds of which place suit your garden's soil. 

•    Some of the Easiest Growing Plants for the Beginners

Commence your gardening adventure with some easy growing plants that will provide you with an air of excitement and content soon. Among easy growing vegetables, tomatoes, chard, onions, peppers, basil, and beans are the most recommended ones by the experts. While talking about flowers, you can start with sunflower, roses, petunia, foxglove, clematis, and dahlias. 

•    Get Hands on a Non-Stick Shovel

Shoveling is a consistent task for the maintenance of the garden's cleanliness and natural beauty of the space. To elevate the level of ease and efficiency, you can make a non-stick shovel that will slip through the wet soil like some dried leaves. To do that, just spray silicon or any other sort of lubricant on the shovel, and you'll be shoveling without creating a mess.

If you are a gardening enthusiast and love to be around lush greenery of nature, then the above mentioned easy gardening tips for the beginners will help you loads. You do not need to be a highly experienced or professional Gardner to have a great looking garden of your own, rather the application of these simple tips will result in a breathtakingly beautiful and highly beneficial garden.

By Amna A. for Ezega Real Estate

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