All the Things You Need to Know About Decaf Coffee

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Decaf-CoffeeCoffee is a must have to start the day for millions of people all over the globe. This is one of the much-loved drink and comes in an amazing variety. One such variety is decaf coffee. It is definitely a big hit and immensely popular among the lot. Here, let us discuss all the things you need to know about decaf coffee.

•    The Basic Concept Behind Decaf Coffee

Decaf is a generally accepted and normally spoken term in everyday life, which is actually short for decaffeinated coffee. This coffee is created from those coffee beans which have little to no caffeine, to be very specific no less than 97% of their caffeine is completely removed. 
The process of decaffeination can be done by following varying procedures, mostly used among these involve using water, carbon dioxide, and organic solvents. The basic principle of the decaffeination process is washing the coffee beans with any of these solvents until a maximum or required amount of caffeine is removed from the beans and is dissolved in the solvent. Then this solvent is removed and beans are dried.

After this decaffeination process, the coffee beans are roasted and sent for grinding, keeping the nutritional content of decaffeinated beans is same as of the regular coffee beans with only a difference of caffeine absence. 

Apart from nutritional content, you may feel a little change in the taste and smell of the coffee. As the decaffeinated coffee is a little milder in both taste and color than the regular coffee. 
However, depending upon your personal preference regarding taste and smell, or recommended dosage of caffeine according to your health, you can enjoy any of them. 

•    Have Decaf No Caffeine at All?

To put things into a factual perspective, decaf is not completely free from caffeine. Actually, decaf has a scarce amount of caffeine that varies depending upon the decaffeination process used. Generally, one cup (180ml) of decaf coffee contains approximately 3mg of caffeine. 
One scientific research has shown that one cup of decaf can have 0 to 7mg of caffeine presence. Comparatively, one cup of regular coffee is loaded with caffeine with the presence of about 70 to 140mg of the caffeine. And this content actually depends upon the type of coffee, the method used for its preparation, cup size in consideration, and the brand, of course.
So, decaf is surely isn't all free from caffeine but still, the amount of caffeine you'll consume through this coffee is significantly lower than the regular coffee, definitely making it an acceptable bargain.

•    Decaf is Enriched with Antioxidants Along with other Nutrients

Other than giving you a pleasure of having a warm cup of perfectly brewed coffee in the cold without seeing an enormous amount of caffeine, decaf is also a great source of much-needed antioxidants for your body and all the nutrients that regular coffee have. 

It has been scientifically proved that decaf is one of the largest sources of antioxidants on a Western diet. However, the antioxidants contained in decaf are about 15% less in comparison to the regular coffee, which is lost during the decaffeination process. Both types of coffee have antioxidants, hydrocinnamic acids, and polyphenols which help in the neutralization of free radicals, thus reducing the aging effect on skin cells. In addition to that, antioxidants prevent cardiovascular disorders, cancer, and diabetes as well. 

Other than the presence of antioxidants decaf provide you with small amounts of essential nutrients as well. These include about 2.4% of the daily recommended eating of the magnesium, 2.5% of niacin (vitamin B3), and  4.8% potassium, all in a single cup of decaf coffee.

•    Regular  Coffee is More Advantageous Than Decaf Coffee!

Enrichment of body stimulating content is what makes coffee favorite and famous of millions all over the world. This stimulating content increases the mind's focus, mental alertness, physical activeness and reduces tiredness. And, all these benefits are directly linked with the presence of caffeine in the coffee. That is why regular coffee is much more advantageous than decaf coffee. To summarize this point, the following are some of the major effects of coffee on the body, that is only associated with the regular coffee!

•    Enhanced reaction time in affecting positively inside the body.
•    Boost mental energy, improve memory, focus and concentration, and overall mental abilities.
•    Increase your body's physical or athletic performance.
•    Elevate your metabolic rate, in return boosting the fat burning process.
•    Pose much less risk for the occurrence of liver cirrhosis, or any sort of liver damage.

All benefits apart, it is worth mentioning here that scientific research on the regular coffee is incredibly extensive in comparison to the decaf coffee. Thus, we still may be unaware of the health benefits of the decaf coffee. So, here are a few things to cponsider about decaf coffee. 

•    Who Must Prefer Drinking Decaf Instead of Regular Coffee!

The tolerance for the maximum intake of caffeine from person to person, as some people can have as much as 5-6 cups of coffee in a day while some can only have a single cup and that'll be enough for their body's requirements.

Excessive (or more than what your body can tolerate) amount of caffeine can cause serious problems such as the negative effect of the central nervous system, trouble in falling asleep, digestion problems, heart arrhythmia, restlessness and several alike.

Moreover, intake of caffeine must also vary depending on your health condition. For instance, breastfeeding mothers or pregnant women should limit their caffeine intake. In addition to that teenagers, children or anyone suffering from problems like anxiety and depression must also limit the intake of caffeine. 

These are all the things you need to know about decaf coffee, its disadvantages, recommended amount and nutritional content. In order to enjoy every bit of nutrition of anything you eat or drink, it is exceedingly important to have maximum knowledge about it. Hope this read have helped you a bit.

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