Top 10 Romantic Movies to Binge Watch!

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Star-is-bornIn the cozy cold nights, snuggled under the blanket with a bowl full of crunchy chips or soft marshmallows, one longs to see something beautiful, romantic and incredibly pictured. Here is a list of top 10 romantic movies to binge watch, from 2000 to 2018. Pick any of the below movies and you'll definitely fall in love with it!

1.    In the Mood for Love - 2000

Directed by Wong Kar Wai, this artistic masterpiece evokes a longing to love with the magical portrayal of complex characters puppet in the hands of fate. The story revolves around Cheung’s Su and Leung’s Chow, whose partners are having an affair with each other. In the effort of not, making the same mistake what their spouses have done, in such circumstances, they develop a longing for each other's love. Then again, fate's twist and turns tend to keep them separated. The marvelous depiction of complex love keeps you glued with the screen, surely a great movie to watch.

2.    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - 2004

The romantic story told in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is unique in numerous ways, the realness, authenticity, and rawness of emotions depicted in this romantic piece has never been portrayed before, and not after that. This movie flawlessly embraces the faults, fears, and imperfections of the romantic expressions and the feeling of romance itself, while perfectly capturing the qualities and defects within. Once you start watching it you will realize its innovative creation and heartwarming strength along with honesty of emotional distress.  This love story will definitely leave its mark on your mind.

3.    Wimbledon - 2004

Roaming around the tennis world, this story is about a distressed tennis player who has lost all of his ambition for the game and has fallen to 119th position. Fortunately enough for him, he met his future love of life accidentally, and that is when he started to start focusing on the game. This love story is amalgamated with passion, success, and rising from scratch. Definitely put it on your list to watch next.

4.    The 40-year old Virgin - 2005

For everyone out there who is looking for a mix of comedy and yearning romance, this movie is to get hands on! Steve Carell brilliantly portrayed, as the name indicates, a 40 years old virgin for whom even thinking about dating anymore brings anxiety and nervousness. And when his friends or more say his colleagues get to know this, that's when the real bomb of laughable situations blast, and for sure you cannot keep a straight face for long. Convincing performances, humorous situations, and new and untouched story really make your mood fly high. You definitely do not want to miss it.  

5.    Brokeback Mountain - 2005

Depicting the sad reality of social rejection of sexual orientation, this movie is set in the era of '60s, showcase a gay couple who imitate themselves as straight to be fitted normally in the society. This gay cowboy romance movie had touched a subject that was ignited decade ahead, still, this movie remains one of the emotion-packed, reality-based movies of all time. 

6.    A Single Man - 2009

Starring Academy Award winner Colin Firth, this sensually romantic movie portrays the depth of love between two men, while depicting the harsh, cruel, and somewhat ridiculing mindset of people for gay love. Colin Firth played the character of a British professor who is suffering the pain of his partner's demise which is played by Mathew Goode. This movie is a directional debut of Tom Ford and he had marvelously depicted the muted sexuality, heartbroken feelings, and complexities of society. This fine piece of art is definitely a must watch for someone who is looking for a passionate romantic story with brilliant acting and untold feeling of lost love.

7.    Up - 2009

Well, this movies is incredibly entertaining, emotions packed, superbly vibrant and loaded with superbly shot memorable scenes. Once watched, your mind will remain hanging to some of the incredibly presented dialogues and heartwarming scene setting. The beauty of this movies lies within the magical imagining power of its director Pete Docter who brilliantly portrayed a lifespan of soothing friendship, enticing love, and everlasting and undying emotion of a cute couple in no more than four and a half minutes of the movie. And as the movie goes on, the viewers embark on a strangely heartwarming journey of an old man who lifts up his home with hundreds of balloons in an effort to take it where he and his wife wanted to live in. And this journey is filled with so many amazing twist and turns. This animation movie can make your heart warm within a few minutes and you'll fall in love with this love story.

8.    Leap Year - 2010

Among these top 10 romantic movies to binge watch, this movie will truly entice you to watch again and again. The plot of the movie revolves around a young beautiful girl who read online about an Irish tradition that girls may propose their lovers on the 29th of February (leap year) instead of waiting for him to propose. In doing so, the journey to Dublin, Ireland become so adventurously romantic, light and heart touching, and she coincides with her love of life.

9.    The Age of Adeline - 2015

Based on an incredible, new concept, this movie picture a lady who never age. When we all tend to be younger than our actual age, this movie showcases the harms of being fresh and young looking for eternity. In her, she met her love of life but couldn't keep up this romance, as to settle two people must get old together. You'll love the course of this movie a lot.

10.    A Star is Born - 2018

Starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, this passionately romantic love ride is among the biggest hit of 2018. This movie is about a struggling young artist played by Gaga whose passion for singing is restored by Cooper's character. You'll love the twist and turns of this movie a lot.

By Amna A. for Ezega Entertainment

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