Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actors of 2018

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Jim-Parsons-highest-paid-actror-2018We all love to watch our much-loved TV shows again and again. Somehow we became addicted to the story and the feel of knowing that, someday, this season will end seems like a nightmare. Binge watching these seasons while on vacation with a bucket full of our favorite snack is definitely what we all love to do. The list of our preferred TV shows can go on and on (and I'll discuss these later someday), but while we are at it, let's get to know about the earnings of our favorite actors. Here you'll get to know the top 10 highest paid TV actors of 2018 who bagged millions of dollars through their tremendous acting skills in some of the highest rated, appreciated and critically acclaimed TV shows. 

You'll be amazed to know that the top 4 highest paid actors this year are part of the same TV show, and it is none other than, the Big Bang Theory. To all our dismay, this season is going to be the last season, but the cast is making a handsome amount of money while enjoying their final days on the set. Playing the character of a science nerd, Jim Parson has surely stolen our hearts, and this character will always remain in our minds because of its distinctive style of speaking, immense knowledge of science and of course the quirky comedy style. And with that Jim Parson is positioned on top of the last again.

1.    Jim Parsons

Total Earnings: $26.5 million
Primary TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Jim Parson is not new to the top position on this list as this year will make his 4th consecutive top position on the chart. Being the most loved character on the CBS super hit comedy show on air this time, Jim Parson has made more than $26 million in 12 months. 

2.    Johnny Galecki

Total Earnings: $25 million
Primary TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Most of Johnny Galecki's earnings come from Big Bang Theory, but he also works as an executive producer for Living Biblically. Additionally, he has also appeared in one episode of Roseanne reboot. 

3.    Simon Helberg

Total Earnings: $23.5 million
Primary TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Simon is among the Big Bang Theory stars who dropped their salary from $1 million to $900,000 to make room for Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch's cut in the profits. And with that, his earnings dropped from $26 million from last year to $23 million this year.

3.    Kunal Nayyar

Total Earnings: $23.5 million
Primary TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Positioned on the same number Kunal also dropped his salary, but still make plenty with his other works on the show. All in all, he managed to bag 7 figure salary a year.

5.    Mark Harmon

Total Earnings: $19 million
Primary TV Show: NCIS
Mark Harmon is not only splendidly skilled but is also extremely wise to negotiate for a handsome cut from the show's earnings. He has surely earned a grand salary by being an eminent star and also executive producer of the show. And coming year will surely bring more and more success to his career and pocket as well. 

6.    Ed O'Neil

Total Earnings: $14 million
Primary TV Show: Modern Family
Incredibly talented Ed O'Neil is not unknown to success, and with his endorsements of anti-allergic medicines, Zyrtec and his outstanding role in Modern Family is enough to gain him a top position in the highest earning TV actors.

7.    Eric Stonestreet

Total Earnings: $13.5 million
Primary TV Show: Modern Family
Apart from being a prominent part of Modern Family, Eric Stonestreet earn much of his salary through his voiceovers, including the animation project Sofia the First, and the upcoming movie Secret Life of Pets 2. With this much work in hand, his earnings will definitely see a boom in the coming year.

8.    Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Total Earnings: $13 million
Primary TV Show: Modern Family
With superbly convincing acting on the hit show Modern Family, Jesse Ferguson has bagged 13 million USD this year. And with his appearances on other shows and movies will gain him more salary in the coming year as well.

9.    Ty Burrell

Total Earnings: $12 million
Primary TV Show: Modern Family
In context to the brilliant success achieved by the much-loved TV show, the Modern Family, the cast tends to earn an impressive amount of paycheck for every episode. Owing to the trend, on 9th position Ty from the Modern family is among the top 10 highest paid TV actors of 2018.

10.    Andrew Lincoln

Total Earnings: $11 million
Primary TV Show: The Walking Dead
Lincoln joins this list for the first time ever with his final appearance on the hit TV show, the Walking Dead. He will be replaced by Norman Reedus, who has negotiated a raise (according to the sources).

•    Drop Offs this Year!

2018 specifically marked as the year of the boom of metoo movement. And to all of our amazement and astonishment or rather a shock, there were several A-listed Hollywood stars that came under the bus. There were so many allegations that came on to the surface targeting so many celebrities. The most notorious one is definitely Harvey Weinstein, but shockingly very harsh allegations of his sexual misconduct were raised against Kevin Spacey as well. In the start, Kevin Spacey, or rather his lawyer denied all the allegations of sexual misconduct against him. But after a while, he tweeted a statement regarding such incident in which he did sexually harass his fellow young actor, and he also affiliates this tweet with his sexual preferences. Consequently, with much rage and frustration of the people, Kevin Spacey was disgraced from his super hit TV series, House of Cards, in which he played the excellent role of Frank Underwood. Apart from Kevin Spacey, every other actor has managed to maintain his position on the list this year as well.

By Amna A. for Ezega Entertainment

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