Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actresses of 2018

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Sofia-Vergara-highest-paid-actress-2018TV shows make a separate place not only in our hearts but in our homes as well. Once we become addicted to any series, it is certainly impossible to avert your mind from the exciting storyline, and perfect depiction of scenes. Amidst all this and binge-watching season after season, it seems that somehow we know these characters personally. Nevertheless, these roles are played by convincing actors. Here, I'm enlisting the top 10 highest paid TV actresses of 2018. You must be intrigued to know how much your favorite TV celebs earn from the super hit TV shows. 

•    How Actors Are Ranked in this Category

Well, this is definitely immensely intriguing to know which actor grabbed what numbers this year, but do you know how the actors have ranked actually? If not, then keep reading for enlightenment! To rank actors according to their earnings, the estimated payroll of actors from June 1st of the previous year (2017 in this case) till June 1 of the current year (2018 in this case), is calculated. While doing so, excessive figures such as fees of agents, the pay of managers, lawyers, and pretax are not excluded. This data is taken from IMDB, Box Office Mojo, and also interviewing insiders of the showbiz industry. 

1.    Sophia Vergara

Total Earnings: $42.5 million
Primary TV Show: Modern Family
Sophia Vergara has maintained her top spot in the top 10 highest paid TV actresses of 2018, as she was on top in 2017 as well. Whenever and wherever Sophia appear on screen she brings joy and smiles on everyone's faces. And do not forget about her position in the sexiest ladies of the world. We all love her role and acting in Modern Family, and it certainly is incomplete without her.

2.    Kaley Cuoco

Total Earnings: $24.5 million
Primary TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Kaley Cuoco and her co-stars from the hit comedy show Big Bang Theory cut off their estimated salary of $1 million to $900,000 per episode to make up cash for Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch. However, with the huge success of the show, Kaley Cuoco still makes an impressive amount of money. But due to Jim Parson's unavailability after his wedding, the show will not move on, and this season will be its last season on the air. 

3.    Ellen Pompeo

Total Earnings: $23.5 million
Primary TV Show: Grey's Anatomy
Ellen Pompeo stole the show for raising the issue of equal pay for female actors in the showbiz industry. Honestly, everyone, all around the globe knows that male actors earn more, on the first hand, are offered a handsomely increased amount for the same sort of role as offered to a female actor, but the pay is far less. While this issue exists, and no one cares to talk about it, forget about curing it, Ellen raise her voice when she demanded equal pay. She put things into perspective by saying, "When your face and your voice have been part of something that's generated $3 billion for one of the biggest corporations in the world, you start to feel like OK, maybe I do deserve a piece of this" Ellen Pompeo said while giving interview to The Hollywood Reporter.

4.    Mariska Hargitay

Total Earnings: $13 million
Primary TV Show: Law & Order: SVU
Mariska is the original cast member of this show and she has negotiated a handsome salary for her per episode, making her position stronger on this chart.

5.    Julie Bowen

Total Earnings: $12.5 million
Primary TV Show: Modern Family 
The quirky, funny and enormously talented Julie Bowen make most of her earnings from the superhit TV series, Modern Family. She joined the cast in 2009 and is taking a 6 figure salary for each episode aired.

6.    Mayim Bialik

Total Earnings: $12 million
Primary TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch both earn about $500,000 per episode of their hit TV show, the Big Bang Theory.

6.    Melissa Rauch

Total Earnings: $12 million
Primary TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Positioned on the 6th spot along with Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch while both appear in the comedy series, Big Band theory. Their position here is definitely because of their Generous cast members who reduced their salary from $1 million to $900,000 per episode in order to accommodate the pair, which in turn earn $500,000 per episode. 

8.    Kerry Washington

Total Earnings: $11 million
Primary TV Show: Scandal
Olivia Pope from the Scandal played by an amazingly brilliant and promising actress, Kerry Washington certainly completely grab the true essence of the real character of Judy Smith. After the conclusion of this show, Kerry maintains her income with endorsements like Neutrogena, and Movado.

9.    Claire Danes

Total Earnings: $9 million
Primary TV Show: Homeland
The leading lady of the topmost appreciated TV series Homeland, Claire Danes returns to shoot for the show again after 4 years break. Her last paycheck from the show was in 2014. Her overall earnings for the year are enough to manage a spot for her in this list.

10.    Pauley Perrette

Total Earnings: $8.5 million
Primary TV Show: NCIS
Pauley left the show NCIS after appearing as a forensic scientist for 15 consecutive years due to some concerns over "workplace assaults". Still, she managed to make it to this list with a handsome paycheck.

•    Actresses Who Have Been Dropped Off In this Years' List

Robin Wright, Priyanka Copra and Mindy  Kaling were part of 2017 rankings but due to no recent TV show in the period of this scoring, these actresses are dropped off. Robin Wright was there with her House of Cards hit, and with no recent episodes in the scoring period, she has lost her spot. Mindy Kaling, on the other hand, has concluded her super hit TV show The Mindy Project. And fewer appearances of Priyanka Chopra chocked off her mighty $10 million of 2017.

By Amna A. for Ezega Entertainment

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