Enlisting Mighty Engagement Rings of Famous Celebrities

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Posted Date : 09 Jan 2019 12:57 hrs

Ariana-Grande-Engagement-RingA-lister celebrities can make big news with trifle things, but when it comes to getting engaged the whole depiction of the proposal, the couple poses, and the show off of the engagement rings, all create a long-time buzz. Here, I'm enlisting mighty engagement rings of famous celebrities in 2018, and I really hope you'll love going through each one of them and will be excited to look around on the internet to get a look. So, without further ado, let's dive in!

•    Ariana Grande

Among topmost favorite celebrities all over the globe, Ariana's big news of getting engaged stole all the buzz and her romantic poses with the fiancé Pete Davidson were certainly become the massive news. Pete Davidson is writer and performer at the Saturday Night Live (SNL), and after a few dates, the couple shared magical news of their engagement. Ariana didn't pose hr engagement ring specifically on the Instagram, but in her next videos and live performances, fans spotted it right away. According to some sources, the ring worth about 100,000 USD, and is designed by a New York-based Jeweller named Greg Yuna. Well, we wish this cute and young couple loads of happiness in the forthcoming years of their lives. 

•    Karlie Kloss

The beautifully gorgeous, stunning, and superbly friendly top model Karlie Kloss make our heart sway with her cuteness and everyday talk via her own YouTube channel Klossy. Diving into her glamorous world, while being amazingly down-to-earth, light-hearted and friendly keeps the viewers stuck to her videos. And when she shared the news of her engagement with her long-time loving boyfriend Joshua Kushner, fans were in awe of her sparkling engagement ring. She shared her picture wearing the engagement ring on Instagram in the middle of 2018, and the cushion cut diamond ring looks really pretty. It weighs approximately 7 or 8 carats and its estimated price is 300,000 USD.

•    Hailey Baldwin

 Justin Bieber dated this beautiful model for years while being in successive controversy with his relationship with Selena Gomes. Putting rest to all the unproven rumors and to show off his love for her long-time girlfriend Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber put a ring on her hand. The enormous buzz of their engagement last year swirled all over the media when Hailey Baldwin was spotted in the beach of Bahamas with a gigantic diamond ring on the ring finger.  "Hailey I am soooo in love with everything about you! So committed to spending my life getting to know every single part of you loving you patiently and kindly." Hailey's engagement ring is designed beautifully in oval-shaped diamond and it's estimated worth is more than 250,000 USD. 

•    Princess Eugenie

Recently got married, Princess Eugenie definitely resides on the epitome of royal elegance, high-end fashion, and a gorgeous smile with her stunning attire, incredibly heartwarming personality, and a keen look on modest fashion. The news of Princess Eugenie's engagement with Jack Brooksbank announced on January 2018 and the couple got married in Autumn at the St. George's Chapel in Windsor. The engagement ring is oval shaped, adorned with a coral colored padparadscha sapphire and surrounded by a swirl of sparkling diamonds. Well, certainly one can't put a price on such a beautiful royal ring.

•    Gwyneth Paltrow

Stylishly elegant, always beautifully attired, and superbly skilled Gwyneth Paltrow is not unknown to class, elegance, and sophistication. She confirmed the news of her engagement with her longtime partner Brad Falchuk at the start of 2018. Gwyneth has shown off her gorgeous and giant ring adorned with blue sapphire stone and all of her fans loved it a lot. This ring is speculated to be 20- carat and worth about 2 million USD. 

•    Paris Hilton

After dating the love of her life for about 2 years while knowing him for 8 years, Paris Hilton announced her engagement with DJ Chris Zylka on 2nd January through her Instagram account. Quoting about her engagement ring, she tweeted, 'Our future hubby’s obviously both have amazing & similar taste!'. The estimated worth of this huge diamond ring is about 2 million USD. Unfortunately, the couple has called off their engagement, and Paris is keeping this beautiful ring. 

•    Alexa Ray Joel

Alexa Joel started her year with a stunning accessory on her hand, a beautiful engagement ring from her boyfriend turned fiancé Ryan Gleason. He proposed the beautiful young girl with an emerald cut ring among her family and friends in the holiday season. The couple certainly celebrated the New Year's Eve with sparkling magical joy.

•    Caitriona Balfe

While enlisting mighty engagement rings of famous celebrities, mentioning of Catriona Balfe's is super important. She wore her engagement ring at the Golden Globes held on January 7 of 2018. The engagement ring is designed as cushion cut adorned with two sapphire stones studded alongside a beautiful centre stone. Her private life is a mystery to the public, so we are not aware of her fiancé.

•    Emily Ratajkowski

The stunningly gorgeous and amazingly attractive supermodel and brilliant actress Emily Ratajkowski has an incredibly unique and distinctive engagement ring. Her husband first popped the question with a paperclip and then surprised with one of a kind ring that has two diamonds of varying shapes attached on a single band. One diamond is teardrop cut while the other is princess cut. The ring is estimated to have one diamond of 4 or 5 carats while the other of 3 or 4 carats and the total worth of the ring is no less than 250,000 USD.

•    Lea Michele 

Cute looking, Glee star Lea Michele announced her engagement via her Instagram account in an adorable manner. What a Diamond, what a Stunning beauty she is!! She got engaged in April of 2018 to Zandy Reich, and the ring is personally designed by him especially for his fiancé. The ring features a magically sparkling rectangular cut diamond in the center that is of about 4 carats and estimated worth of this beautiful ring is about 100,000 USD.

By Amna A. for Ezega Entertainment

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