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Posted Date : 12 Jan 2019 12:38 hrs

Rachel-Levin-YoutubeWatching videos on YouTube is definitely a great way to spend your leisure time with entertainment, joy and loads of laughs. Rather than binge-watching whole drama seasons, or a full-fledged movie, many people love to fulfill their free time with small videos. And when you are there, the best thing to search for will surely be something that you are fond of. In this age of superb technological advancement and ease of getting all sorts of knowledge just by clicking a few buttons on your mobile devices, it has become amazingly easy to watch anything you want to know about. To make things interesting, here is a short list of most followed fun vloggers on YouTube that have that tinge in their content that will keep you glued to their channels. Let's find out who are they!

•    Rachel Levin

Rachel has become a superstar in such a young age, thanks to her enormous talent in so many fields. She started her channel on YouTube in 2010 and has definitely not looked back ever since, as the number of her subscribers is mounting with each passing day. She has not only changed the makeup game with incredibly unique, and differently conceptual videos but has also introduced a much clever side of hers by sharing loads of tips and tricks through short comedy skits, life hacks, DIYs and much more. Her channel is fun-filled and its vibrant flare will keep you glued for long hours. And with such an amazing range of topics, she has managed to get more than 13 million subscribers to her channel, and surely this number will go on and on! 

•    Bethany Mota

Bethany launched her channel on June 8, back in 2009 and now have proudly got more than 10 million subscribers on her channel. Fascinatingly enough she is more like the master of all, as she is not only great in giving beauty related advice rather she does much more than that on her channel. Once there, you will find yourself surrounded with so many types of amazing stuff which include several videos of her personal (superbly interesting) personal life, DIY projects, beauty routines, tips for selection of cool outfits, and a lot more. You will definitely won't get bored while switching on her channel. 

•    Nikkie De Jager

Nikkie's channel is loaded with everything related to beauty and makeup. Her channel's name is NikkieTutorial and she has definitely made that place an exotic spot to learn everything about make up including its application, the brand that you must purchase from, the type of makeup suiting for different skin tones and much more. She is from the Netherlands and joined this magical place of YouTube in 2008, and her popularity increased by leaps and bounds and now she has crossed the mighty number of 11 million subscribers on her channel. She looks flawless, yet with her magical fingers, she beautifies herself incredibly. She gained hype with her video entitled as "the power of makeup". In this videos, she does makeup on one side of her face leaving the half-faced untouched. This unique concept gained immense popularity and soon Nikki became a hit among young girls. Check out her YouTube channel and you'll surely enjoy her videos.

•    Eva Gutowski

Amazing things about YouTube vloggers is that they let you sneak a peek into their own personal life, and celebrate their everyday life situations, unusual skills and several other things with you. Such an exhilarating YouTube vlogger is Eva Gutowski who shares fun things on her YouTube channel named as MyLifeAsEva. She has joined YouTube community in 2011 and has now gained over 9 million subscribers all because of her fun and quirky personality. You will get to know incredible tips and tricks about various stuff of life on her channel. And you will definitely leave so much fun and entertaining stuff from her videos. 

•    Niki Demar

Another fun name in the YouTube vlogging community is of Niki Demar's. She definitely has an artistic eye and her personality is loaded with numerous talents, skills, and entertaining approach to things. Her YouTube channel is filled with different sorts of videos in which she shares different shades of her happening life. She has a superbly quirky personality and loves to share various colorful aspects of her life with her lovely subscribers. There is something about beauty tips, some videos about clothing tricks, shopping spree, and much more. And what will look amazingly interesting to you is her dramatic personal life which is full of emotions, love, distress, happiness and much more. Check out her channel and you will love watching her style. Niki has joined youtubers community in 2014, and in just a short time span of 4 years she has gained more than 1.8 million subscribers because of her fun content and is all set to grab more. And the number of views for her videos has surpassed from 14 million. Definitely not a shabby thing to achieve in such a short time. Her twin sister Gabi is also there on the YouTube and several times these two sisters post fun stuff about this for her followers to watch. 

YouTube is such an interesting space. Here, I have mentioned just a few YouTube channels which will entertain you the most. These are some of the most followed fun vloggers on YouTube and there are numerous more. This modern age has shown us several new shades of life all around the globe. Some of the most talked about topics on social media remain new launched Cosmetic brands, new products launches from renowned and established beauty brands, branding through social media, political content, election surveys, US election results and consequent wave of huge content, new games, movie reviews, viral fun, and short videos, and stuff like that. I will definitely incorporate a few other topics in coming blogs too. For now, do check out the above mentioned YouTube channels and enjoy the entertaining content. Cheers!

By Amna A. for Ezega Entertainment

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