Swimwear Guide to Perfectly Accentuate Your Body Curves

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Posted Date : 12 Jan 2019 12:40 hrs

Swimwear-GuideWe as a human being, enjoy the beauty of diversity, and with this amazing feature, all of us have different yet amazingly beautiful figures, outstanding skin colors, and loads of variation in hairstyles as well. Considering the gorgeous figures and different body types, one must wear that clothing which gorgeously beautifies the attractive curves of the body. Consequently, when it comes to choosing swimwear, your body must look alluring, and stunning while you are enjoying your time on the beach. Girls, at times, struggle while selecting a swimwear as mostly it is not obvious what sort of style you must go after. So here is the swimwear guide to perfectly accentuate your body curves and after going through this read, you will be able to easily select a swimsuit that will suit you the best. Let's start digging then!

Girls with Short Legs!

If you have short legs than the selection of swimwear type can really give an illusion of long legs to your attractive body. Lengthening of legs can be achieved through swimwear which has high cuts, it will show more skin and let you your legs look longer. If you are brave and bold enough than wearing a thong is another cool option to go with. 

Girls with Small Chest Size!

A thorough swimwear guide to perfectly accentuate your body curves is definitely incomplete if girls with smaller breast size are not discussed. If you have small chest than wear it with confidence and do not try to opt unnatural ways. The best way to achieve a rather busty look is by choosing swimsuits than have some sort of embellishments or ruffles on the chest area. Additionally, you can look busty and heavy by putting aesthetic padding under your garment. Extra padding will look superbly alluring and will accentuate your curves. 

Girls with Busty Chest!

Surely, busty breasts are something that every girl desire, but if you'll ask a busty big girl then she will surely tell you some downfalls of that beautiful figure as well (as usual all of us remain always ready to pick flaws in ourselves). Well, if you have a busty figure than bikinis with strings is certainly not a good option to go for. You need seamless support to keep your breasts held stiff and perfectly in shape, and for that, you must choose the right cup size, use underwires, and swimsuits with thicker straps. 

Girls with Banana Body Shape or Flat Figure!

Banana body shape is the understated yet gorgeous figure to have. Girls with figure can flaunt their body by using swimsuits with ruching, frills, and overwhelming embellishments. And to make your bottom attractive select bright and vibrant colors that will distract staring eyes from your small figure to beautiful curves. 

To Enhance the Strikingly Stunning Big Butts 

The world is all in praise for the big butts and surely there is a reason why! Big butts and busty chest give a perfect illusion of tiny chest and give a gorgeous illusion of hourglass figure. If you are naturally blessed with this amazingly incredible body shape then you will find yourself surrounded by numerous flattering options that will boost your natural beauty a hundred times more. Almost everything looks amazing on this body shape. While searching for a swimwear, string bikinis may reveal too much of the skin and can be the reason for uncomforting feel. Similarly, high cut swimwear can do the same to girls with ample back area. In this case, it is best to pick swimsuits that have enough fabric on the back and cover your bottoms perfectly. Otherwise, you won't be able to enjoy your time on the beach and will be in worry of tugging the fabric on the butts all the time. 

Tiring Work to Hide the Love Handles is Definitely Easy!

Well, who among the girls not hate the bilging love handles? And always remain in conscious try to hide these bulges somewhere. Interestingly, you will be excited to know that in case of swimsuits handling these love handles is rather an easy job. You just have to pick a high waisted bottom which is a color blocking item or have bright flowery prints, and simply extend it upwards till it beautifully cover your belly button. And there you go! No muffin top and no ugly looking love handles on any side.

Things to Flaunt During Pregnancy!

During pregnancy, surely you don't want to wear anything extremely tight or uncomfortable, especially around your midsection. In this situation, the best way to entertain yourself on the breezy beach is to wear tankinis as they give perfect room to wiggle and flawless and troublesome freedom to your belly. Moreover, you can also wear two piece swimwear as it will not only look stunning but also be a breezy and easy option to fulfill your bathroom going needs.

Girls with Broad Shoulders!

For girls who have a broad body frame on the upper side than the waist and hips than you must choose a swimwear which balances out your body amazingly. To achieve that balanced appearance, first of all, choose blocking solid colors or swimwear that have printed panels on sides. Printed panels on either side will help in creating the illusion of hourglass body shape. Secondly, asymmetrical neckline will suit you too, as it will draw more attention towards your neck and down to breasts and hips rather than your broad shoulders. 
All in all, everybody shape is beautiful and can easily look stunningly gorgeous just by small tweaks. Just always keep one thing in mind that no matter what your body shape is, you are beautiful. There is something alluring and attractive available in the market that makes sure every girl feel the best of herself on any occasion. You need to have a keen eye to pick something that will flaunt your figure. And then there is this guide to help you go shopping for your next beach party.

By Amna A. for Ezega Entertainment

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