Princess Diana's Favourite Flowers

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Princess-Diana-FlowersPrincess Diana had an enchantingly alluring personality which kept the whole world under its magic all her life. Wherever she went, whatever she did, all eyes always remained on her, and she had maintained an everlasting place in hearts. She was the true depiction of beauty, her personality, her face, her actions, all formed a majestic aura all over the globe. Fascinatingly, we all want to learn a lot about herself as each and every aspect of her personality send positive vibes and something wonderful. Here, you'll get to know Princess Diana's favorite flowers. In 2017, at the 20th death anniversary of Princess Diana, an amazingly gorgeous garden was erected in the Kensington Palace, that particularly exhibit the finest taste of Princess. Let's find out more about it!

•    Princess Dian's Preferred Picks!

Princess Diana was a kind of flower herself, and the utter softness, beauty, and love of her personality beautifully depicted through her choices. She was the fan of light shades and did not appreciate vibrant colors. Princess Diana's favorite flowers include white lilies, forget-me-nots, white roses, Cosmo daisies, tulips, and narcissi.

•    A Tribute to the Beautiful Personality!

The sudden death of Princess Diana was a shock for the whole world. There wasn't any corner of the world that she had left to encourage the charitable causes, prevention of disease, and helping the poor. Because of her giving, generous, kind, and loving personality, her death made every eye teary. In order to give a grand tribute to Princess Diana, royal gardeners shaped up a beautiful garden in Kensington Palace that perfectly reflected the alluring shades of Diana's personality. Interestingly, all the flowers in the garden are of one, white color. And we sure love the final picture.

•    Theme Behind Monochromatic Garden

The gardening team behind this marvelous display of beauty had a lovely and endearing reason behind using a monochromatic theme while planting flowers. The head gardener of the palace Sean Harkin has said that the soft hues of the garden depict Diana's affection for cream and white color that can also be seen in her fashion sense within palace's decor and outside as well. She loved pastel shades, soft pink and cream color tones a lot. So, the garden perfectly depicts her personality's softness through these flowers. You can check out the Palace's official website where it is properly explained as, “inspired by memories of the Princess’s life, image, and style.”

•    Thoughts Process for White Garden

Head gardener Mr. Harkin has been the in-charge of this exotic arrangement flowers. He has described that for this work to be completed, a thorough thought process and research has been done. He said,

"Diana would have a bit of a chat with the gardeners. She would have an eye for detail. One gardener would wear quite colorful socks and she would comment on whether the socks matched the garden.

"I wanted to create something that was very simple and elegant and I used the dresses in the exhibition for inspiration - the white has a theme of radiance and glowing. Though it's a white garden there are colors too - deep pinks and purple.

Mr. Harkin had certainly understood the keen attachment of Princess Diana with the flowers, so he really wanted to match things with her stay in the palace while showcasing her personal style, preference, and choices. He said, "In addition to using the dresses as inspiration, we did some research into Princess Diana's favorite flowers. The theme is that feeling of joyful celebration so we have included accents colors.

"Kensington Palace was the home of Princess Diana for 15 years she would stop and she would admire the changing floral displays in the garden. There was another gardener who told me a story about when he was walking along with a wheelbarrow with a fellow gardener. It's really embarrassing, but he tripped.

"Everything kind of spilled everywhere. And Princess Diana was going by and turned around and said 'Bad luck, chaps', and kind of gave a smile. And they kind of smiled and found it really quite funny, but also it's quite embarrassing when that happens."

•    Comments from Head Gardner During Princess Diana's Life

Telegraph UK has published some words from the fortunate head gardener, Graham Dillamore, who worked during the reign of Princess Diana. He worked for Palace from 1984 to 1992 to be exact. He had shared so many beautiful memories of Princess Diana's love for flowers. He described her indulgence in the garden as,

"She was incredibly flattering and complimentary about the work that we did."
"I think she appreciated the hard work we put in, she was more worried about us out in the cold and asking are we wrapped up. She loved the colors and the brightness [of the garden]...She would ask how we came about picking the colors and getting the color scheme so we would discuss that.

"She never confessed to being a fantastic gardener, but there were certain colors she liked in the garden - soft pinks, whites, yellow, pastel shades. She used to turn her nose up if I ever put red or deep purple flowers."

Mr. Dillamore has shared such endearing memories of Princess Diana, in which he has described her as practical joker for coming to see the public garden disguised to be unknown. He said,

"I liked her sense of humor she was a very good practical joker - she would sneak up behind you and pretend to be a member of the public. Once we were struggling to start a lawn mower had broken down and we were just about to give up and she tapped me on the shoulder and said 'maybe if you speak to it nicely it will work."

Certainly, our love for the white colors has tremendously increased now, after knowing that the ultimate exotic beauty Princess Diana loved the light and soft shades of white. She will surely remain a fashion icon for us always.

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