Easy to Grow Plants For the Beginners

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TomatoGardening enthusiast can start from anywhere, and if you want a head start that boosts your morale a hundred times then easy growing plants, in the beginning, will serve the best. Definitely, gardening requires your full time, attention, and research, but in the start growing easy to grow plants will result in a lush garden for you to feel great about. In this read, you will find out about some flowering plants that will bring beauty and gorgeousness to your place, and also you will find some vegetables that will bring a high nutritional content to your table. So, there is a great balance for you start your very own home garden with a little mess and way less difficulty level. Here, let's find out more about the easy to grow plants for the beginners

•    Easy to Grow Flowering Plants

In the beginning, surely you would love to grow those plants that are not high maintenance, need less care, and result fast and beautifully. But, in addition to being simple to grow, if the plants bring vibrant attraction and colorful beauty to your small garden than it definitely is a plus. Knowing that it is highly advisable to pick a few seeds of the flowering plants to sow in your garden. This will not only boost your confidence in your gardening skills, but will also bring luscious beauty to your garden, and a little patch will feel like a wholesome garden. Interestingly, there are numerous flowering plants that are perfect for the beginner gardeners. Let's dig in and find out short characteristics of a few of these.

•    Marigolds

Beautiful amalgamation of different shades of an orange family of the marigold flowers is definitely a must have to bring an element of vibrancy, liveliness, and stunning beauty; and on top of that, the seeds of the marigold plant are superbly easy and extremely fast to grow. If, you have just started organizing your garden, then plant tall breeds of marigold on the border and shorter ones as bedding and in a very short while you will welcome a gorgeously colorful bloom of these flowers. A small tip is that keep these plants in the sunshine and if you can grow tomatoes in the vicinity then it will be amazing to keep the flies away from these flowers.

•    Aquilegia

Aquilegia is delicately looking, superbly easy to grow plants that will not need any high maintenance. One of the most lucrative qualities of this plant is that once they are perfectly established they will shed off their own seeds and will grow themselves annually, as you won't have to seed these plants again and again. Simply sow the seeds in a pot in the start, and then replace it in the soil. They will grow tremendously in the sun as well as under a semi-shade. Additionally, the flowers come in various colors, so you can grow a bunch of vibrantly colored flowers in a single batch.

•    Fuchsia

Velvety apparel of this rich looking flower is definitely a necessary to enhance the attractive appeal and luscious feel to your garden. Fuchsia are patio plants that are specifically grown to bring color to hanging baskets. These are available in a number of shapes and colors, as you can plant climbing fuchsias called as Lady Boothby. If you want to give a bushy appearance to your arrangement then cut the growing stems of these flowers and it will look more rich and heavy.

•    Easy to Grow Vegetables

The true art of gardening relies on plants that you can eat, like fresh vegetables and plants right from the soil are packed with nutrition. There are a lot of nutritionally rich vegetables that beginners can easily grow in their garden and take all the benefits. Once you will start producing homegrown vegetables, you'll observe a significant difference in your physical and mental health. Following vegetables are a few of the easy to grow plants for the beginners which will be greatly advantageous and fresh to eat.

•    Carrots

Juicy and carotene enriched carrots can easily be grown in the home garden. Though, the size of the carrots will be a little shorter than what you take from the grocery store the nutritional value will be significantly high. Carrots need perfectly drained and deep soil to grow, and a little shade along with a little sunshine.

•    Green Beans

Planting any sort of beans is a great idea for the beginners. There are several varieties of beans available and all are fun to grow in the home garden. Most of the beans' types require full sun and grow preferably well in the well-drained soil.

•    Tomatoes

No matter what the size of your garden is, or what skill level your gardening is, tomatoes are definitely the easiest vegetable to grow in your home garden. Tomatoes can grow easily anywhere, in the soil, in the pots, in hanging baskets, and small containers. You can start by planting cherry tomatoes, and get ready to enjoy all the juicy goodness of this vegetable in your food.

•    Cucumber

Cucumber is an extraordinary vegetable that is a must in a salad. If you are a fitness freak then the healthy advantages of cucumber won't be new to you. Growing cucumber is very easy and fun. It loves sunshine, warm temperature, and regular watering. In a short while, you'll have enough growth of cucumber that you may like to share the batch with your neighbors as well.

•    Radishes

Raddish is a versatile vegetable that can be eaten in different ways, and growing it in your home garden is super easy and fun. They are super fast to grow and will reach their full potential in just 20 days. Just sow them and enjoy the benefits.

These are a few of the easy growing flowers and vegetables, and I'll surely add some of the easy growing fruits in the future for the beginners.

By Amna A. for Ezega Blogs

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