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Jefit-AppMaintaining a fit body and healthy mind is extremely necessary for everyone, and with the boom of technology, it has become superbly easy to get a fitness schedule as per your body type, shape, and physical requirements. Programmers have devised loads of applications for cell phone users that help people to get in shape in a well-organized manner. Following are some of the best apps to get in shape in no time. Let's find out a bit more about their characteristics. Install whichever you like the most and start taking benefits. 

•    Jefit

This incredibly wholesome app is a great replacement to a notepad. Surely, it is extremely hard to keep tracking your weight, schedule of every single exercise, work plan and what not, on a single notepad. Well, hold on and relax as this app Jefit is all you need to maintain your personal fitness data in a single place. So, forget writing pad and pencil and download this app from play store. This smarter and better than the traditional methods of tracking.

Not only that, but this app gives you a flare of socializing and competing with your friends in a fun way. Note and insert all your fitness workout in this app and then boast it off through app's built-in socializing option. The free version of this app comes with loads of perks and if you like to have an elite experience then by paying just $7 monthly you can get numerous amazing features as well.

•    Fitbit Coach

Fitbit has long been there and is enthusiastically worn by a lot of fitness freaks out there to adopt a healthy workout routine. To assist the process, programmers have designed a specific Android app for its users that is flooded with workout guides, workout videos, audio fitness routines and all of this stuff can easily be used and played at home, in the gym or outdoors.
Another fun thing is that through this application you get customized fitness and workout recommendations on the basis of your previous fitness record, height, age, weight, and daily routine. All in all, this app is adds a great plus for Fitbit users.

•    Asana Rebel

This android app helps you get fit inside your comfort zone as there is no need to get inside any studio if you have this installed. There are 5 different workout routines among which you can choose to depend on your personal goals. Additionally, you can also add a mini session as well. You just need to religiously follow the pre-installed guided program from the app that is designed particularly to target various muscle groups and then just track all your progress in a perfectly organized notepad. Subscription to its numerous fun features starts from $10 monthly.

•    MapMyFitness

This app holds way more than just building an organized fitness routine. Using this app, you can note down your exact location, what is your set location to go, where have you previously been. All in all, this GPS powered application be with you as a guard and keeps a track of your locations. Moreover, this app keeps track of your workout and also gives you the liberty to share these stats on various social media groups with your friends and family. In addition to that, you can also share your location with your friends and can also boast off your fitness progress.

•    Fitbod

Fitbod is enriched with all the characteristics that are needed to make your body fit. This is definitely one of the best apps to get in shape in real time. If you wish to achieve lucrative fitness, have perfectly shaped up the body or to maintain a consistent gym routine then all you need is solid determination and installation of this app in your iOS device. This app is specifically programmed to use the magic of artificial intelligence in order to learn your personal past record of workout and body characteristics, and owning that information it will recommend you use of particular gym equipment, exercises, and schedule. This is definitely a great app to get fit in no time.

•    Strava

This app put a different take on your workout routine, as it won't guide you about the workouts and scheduling of exercises rather it'll find out the preferable route to your long-distance exercise spot. Finding the most appropriate route becomes strenuously difficult at times, but no more with this app in hand. This app, Starva is particularly designed by the athletes and is definitely a perfect pick to get an athletic body. You can also know which other athletes have taken or are going on nearby paths.

•    Freeletics

You can easily skip your gym and its equipment after installing this application. This app acts as a personal digital trainer and maintains an amazingly productive workout routine using bodyweight HIT. With this app in hand, you can work anywhere any time, as per your preferences. Users can give their own input and the app will perfectly coach them accordingly through devising a new plan, recommending new workout techniques and proper;y maintaining the whole workout routine.

•    Pear

Using this application you can choose your own preferred personal trainer from the list of certified trainers that have also pre-recorded their personally designed workout plans, and you can easily follow them as your own. After connecting this application with a wearable you can achieve numerous other benefits of this app as well. The algorithm of this app is designed in such a way that it generates results and stats of your workout in real time. Surely, a great app for both Android and iOS users.

•    Sworkit

Anyone who has a not a bit free to give to workout but wants to get physical fitness, this app can become a great help for him/her. This app creates customize workout plan ranging from 5 to 60 minutes of total time and you can create your very own as per your routine schedule.

By Amna A. for Ezega Entertainment

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