Highly Recommended Sports Drinks to Mount Up Your Energy Level

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Posted Date : 30 Jan 2019 15:02 hrs

Organic-Electrolyte-InfusionAll the fitness lovers can understand the feeling of needing a highly energizing drink during an excruciatingly hard workout routine. And a sip of this drink can act as a revitalizing storm of energy. Electrolytes are the most prominent ingredient that you lose through your sweat during a workout, and for the proper functioning of muscles you must raise up the bar of these lost electrolytes in the body. In order to do that,  having energy drinks that are full of electrolytes is very important. Here are some of the highly recommended Sports drinks to mount up your energy level. Let's find out more about them.

•    Organic Electrolyte Infusion by Roar Beverages

Recommended by Sports enthusiasts all around, this energy drink is a wholesome source of electrolytes that are enough to compensate all the energy requirements of your body. Sourced from the natural organics is the highlighting quality of this beverage, as it basically is a smooth blend of electrolytes taken from cane sugar, sea salt, and organic coconut water. The recommended dosage of this drink keeps you well-hydrated, energetically enriched and refreshed all day long. It is non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan-friendly and is a completely natural product. Thus, if you are allergic or sensitive to any of these ingredients, then feel free to enjoy this drink and take all of its benefits without having any worry.

•    Fruit Punch BodyArmor Sports Drink by BODYARMOR SuperDrinks

Flavor of this energy drink is absolutely pleasurable, and the texture feels just like a smoothie. If you want a superbly blended mixture of nutrition, flavors, and energy then surely this drink is to go for. Enriched with the natural nutritional contents of coconut water and vitamins including vitamin B3, B5, and B complex alongside antioxidants creates a superb jam-packed sports drink that will give you wholesome energy whole day.

•    FATwater by Bulletproof

This highly advanced energy drink is more like nutritious water that is enriched with brand's own exclusive ingredient, Brain Octane oil that has the quality of being absorbed readily in the body and converted in the useable form of energy amazingly well. Moreover, it has only 20 calories in the whole bottle, so drink it as much as you desire. Being sugar-free, and loaded with Vitamin B complex are some of its added benefits. This package of nutrition store loads of energy in your body to be used readily when needed. You can definitely depend on the high-quality nutritional level of this energy drink blindly.

•    Powerade Zero Calorie Electrolyte Enhanced Drinks by Powerade

No need to be upset over the high-calorie intake through drinks as this drink has zero calories and provide tremendous energy to replenish your body. Definitely a great source to fulfill your required dosage of electrolytes that get lost with the excruciating workout each day. While working out keep a bottle of this sports drink and sipping intermittently will give you an instant boost. It is loaded with vitamin B complex and scientifically proven formula of ION4 electrolyte system makes it a perfect Sports drink out there.

•    Organic Electrolyte Drink by NOOMA

This is an organic sports drink that has just 30 calories in a bottle with no trace of sugar content. The absence of sugar, exotic flavor and intensely high amount electrolytes in this drink are enough to give you boosting energy. Electrolyte content is fulfilled through natural resources such as natural sea salt, and coconut water. Plant-based ingredients of this energy drink create a perfect balance for your required nutritional needs. In addition to that, its superb flavor and hydrating content keep the water level of your body high. This product is non-GMO, all organic, vegan and gluten-free, so have it freely and as per your needs.

•    Propel Water with Kiwi and Strawberry flavor and Electrolytes by Propel

 For anyone who desires an exotic, highly nutritious and zero calorie Sports drink all winter season, then this should be your most preferred pick. This energy drink is loaded with electrolytes and does not have any kind of sugar content and thus have zero calorie content. It is slightly flavoured that give a soft punch to your tongue and the drink itself feels refreshing inside. While working out enthusiastically, and excreting essential minerals outside through sweat, this full of electrolytes energy drink is all you need to fill up your electrolyte meter. The formula of this drink specifically gives you vitamin C, E, antioxidants and other nutrients that stock up energy and promote the smooth functioning of your muscles. Not only in the winter season, but this energy drink is also perfect to have on a long summer day as well.

•    Hydration Multiplier by Liquid I.V

The powdered form of this energy provides is a level high than the usually marketed energy sports drinks out there. You just need to stir in the right amount in a glass of water, sip it up and you are good to go. This product does more than the traditional sports drink and rather act as a hydration system for your body to work energetically. A packet of this powder gives the energy of three bottles of tap water. There is no addition of any artificial coloration, fragrance or flavor and has lesser than half calorie content.

•    Vitaminwater Active Move It by Vitaminwater

This energy drink is jam-packed with natural electrolytes gained from organic resources including coconut water and natural sea salt. This is one of the highly recommended Sports drinks to mount up your energy level and interestingly this drink comes in delectable flavors of black cherry and strawberry. The sweetness of this drink is all because of the natural flavor enhancer, cane sugar. Nutrition wise, it is packed with vitamin B complex, vitamin C and e, and oxidants,  and these create a bundle of energy with electrolytes. Additionally, this sports drink keeps you enthusiastic for your workout by providing 100 calories per bottle.

By Amna A. for Ezega Entertainment

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