Top Recommended Apps To Keep Track of Your Fine Habits

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Posted Date : 30 Jan 2019 15:05 hrs

Way-of-life-appModern era can easily be referred to as the tome of the boom of technological advancements. Over the past two decades, advancements in the tech world have mounted the expectations, and every year, there is a new product launch that is enriched with additional, more futuristic features, intensely powerful camera, sleek designs, and numerous incredibly useful and hassle-free features within the device. Apart from the built-in features of the devices, genius developers residing all over the globe are developing new applications for cell phone users to enjoy their daily life, on daily basis. To ensure that we get entertained from the perks of these applications, having a knowledge of these applications is very necessary. If you feel the same way, then the following read is definitely for you. Here, I will discuss top recommended apps to keep track of your fine habits. So, drop off your pen and notebook to keep track of your good habits as these apps are purposefully designed to do this task for you, and rather in a much easier, efficient, organized and futuristic manner. So, without holding on any further, start digging about the features of these applications!

•    Way Of Life

First thing first, this app is freely available on the app stores of both the Android and iOS device users, so be ready to enjoy the wondrous tracking characteristics of this app without being worried about its compatibility with your device. And now coming to features of this application, this app functions on checking progress on daily routine, takes notes of all the functionalities throughout, and also pop up notification in case you haven't met certain set goal of that day (but this feature is optional, and you can uncheck it anytime, as per your personal preference). 

Once you'll start using this app and get acquainted with tremendous features, you'll be able to check your timely progress in the range of a week, a quarter, or a year. This app is definitely a great option to install in your cell phone to keep a check and track of your daily habits. programs, and future goals.

•    Loop Habit Tracker

The list of top recommended apps to keep track of your fine habits is for sure incomplete without taking the name of Loop Habit tracker. This app is loaded with amazing features that will create an interestingly alluring pattern of your good habits in a single, well-organized manner and you'll definitely become fond of using this application after a short while. Importantly, the algorithm of this application is particularly designed for Android users only. 
Now discussing the incredibly useful and delighting features of this application, first and foremost it pours in the splendid feeling of accomplishment when you check all the done tasks of the day, well this app lets you enjoy this. This thing not only gives you a sense of achievement for completing all the desired tasks but rather it also encourages you to raise the bar high for the future and you'll surely want to feel the same way again. 

Interestingly, this app is free from all the annoying pop-up ads of other apps, games and alike stuff, so you won't be bothered by the third advertisement party. Just keep checking the set goals and it will automatically form of a loop and eventually, by the end of the day, you will be able to check for progress. Similarly, you can keep track of your monthly progress too. This app definitely gears you up to push forward in the same good direction.

•    Forest: Stay Focused

This app puts you in a good mood just by giving it a look, as this is one of the cutest designed app ever. This app assists you in completing all your assignments in a timely and well-organized manner, and it also creates a flare of ease, comfort, and fun element while doing so. This app is designed with such an alluringly cool concept. When you start the app, the first thing you'll do is set a specific time period of completing a particular goal that can range from 10 minutes to wholesome 2 hours. Once the timer is started, you'll see that seed of that task is planted and this seed will grow into a tree until the end of the set time. 

Fascinatingly enough, this app is approachable to desktop PCs and laptops as well, as you'll just need to sync up with the other device, and it'll work in the same efficient way. By paying as little as $2, both the Android and iOS device users can enjoy these great functions of this adorable looking app, and once there, you'll definitely become positively addicted to its amazing features.

•    Fabulous

Fabulous certainly live up (or rather work up) to its name, and create a fabulously remarkable chart of all sorts of good habits including dieting goals, fitness goals, mind exercises, physical workouts, and other daily rituals. This app is just like a magical gift to get enthusiastically organized and finely tune your daily goals for having productive days and happy mood. Interestingly, this app is made by using the brains of both the developers and research scientists, as there is a pre-developed session for positive psychology, the increment of concentration and focus, and enhanced senses for achieving goals. 

The data retrieved from a daily checklist of the tasks will help the user in getting better sleep, getting rid of anxiety, organizing, or losing weight as well. All in all, this app is a one-stop for creating, and managing good habits. Noteworthily, these unbelievably useful features of Fabulous app can be enjoyed by both Android and iOS users equally. And to enhance the usefulness of this app, you can purchase various items within the app.

There you have it! These are some of the top recommended and much-appreciated apps by the reviewers that help to organize and to track chart of daily habits. Once you'll start using them, you'll yourself see their wondrous benefits.

By Amna A. for Ezega Entertainment

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