5 Apps to Use to Get Organized

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Posted Date : 01 Feb 2019 13:41 hrs

Mint-AppIn this bustling age, it is certainly extremely hard to maintain a highly organized track of to-do list. There is so much to maintain from the work life to your personal life, daily routine schedule, the ideas that you want to share, things you need to keep in mind, and the list goes on. To get all the stuff organized, modern technology is there to help. Here we will let you know about a few of the most fascinatingly efficient apps that will proficiently get things done for you within a few clicks. If you want to get organized then trying these apps is definitely going to be immensely helpful and productive. Once you'll start to use these apps to get organized, you'll definitely get amazed by their marvelous benefits.

•    Circa

Circa is there to develop the raw genius within you. Fascinating features of this app let you observe the critically most essential and interesting stories of the day on top. It amazingly organizes and arranges interesting quotes, extraordinary facts, and top news stories of the day with the help of in-house efficiently working editors. This definitely is a tremendously appealing app, if you desire to be top in the game of current affairs, headliners, and all types of interesting stuff. By seeing the best of everyday's most interesting stuff, especially photos, right there on your cell phone will assist you incredibly in knowing and sharing the good stuff first hand. And on top of all this, this app has been recognized as the featured app of the year by Google for the Android devices and by Apple for iPhones. Then what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this amazing stuff right now!


This incredibly futuristic app is truly essential for bankers, accountants and all the professionals related to finance. So if you handle your finances and budget yourself or have hired a financial assistant, installation of this app will be a sigh of relief for you. And for those who do not have any experience in doing anything related to finances, then hold back and relax as this app has certainly opened the doors of easy budgeting for you right before your eyes. This help superbly assists you in tracking and categorizing all kinds of spending, and the help you to create an organized monthly budget. This way you can properly know how much and where you will be spending your incoming forthcoming days. For example, once you enter your total earnings in the app, and then add where you ought to spend the money next, it will give you well-organized and wholesome data describing your spending in the entertainment category, in groceries, paying rent and bills. Additionally, this amazingly helpful and incredibly beneficial app also alerts you when you are going way over your budget. So, with this app in hand, no sneak peek to anything expensive or over the set budget.

•    Flipboard

Most of the readers may be well familiar with this app, as once you enter your email address in the mail section of your phone, the built-in Flipboard start making suggestions according to your personal preferences and set these pointers to help you read and get to know the news that interest you. In other words, this app itself creates a well defined and properly organized personalized magazine which is adorned with anything and everything that interest you or is important for you. Moreover, this app makes the connection of your device with all kinds of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter etc. And once connected to the social media it will link you with all your personal favorite news links, and with that, you will be able to share with your family and friends what you are sharing and reading in real time. In addition to that, you can follow specific news sources and entertainment channels that spark your interest. All in all, it is your personalized magazine loaded with everything you love to see and seek to know about.

•    Dropbox

Dropbox certainly lives up to its name, as you can create a personalized box of all sorts of your documents in a single place. This is an incredible app for all the people out there who do not have any physical,3D office base, or in simple words are freelancer and work from home. Here, in this incredible app you can save all of your documents and can have instant access whenever you need, doesn't matter if the system has WiFi or not you'll access all the saved docs right away. Once example of saving the documents is keeping your resume there and whenever you came across any potential job post send it right away.

•    Nike Training Club

As the name indicates, this is Nike's app which helps you maintain a great physical shape. Interestingly, this app lets you pick your skill level such as beginner, intermediate and then advance, and then depending upon your fitness level, you can pick various work out plans. The time duration of these plans is variable as you can select within the range of 15 to 45-minute workout. For someone, who doesn't know anything about exercise, there are tutorials and videos as well.

 Well, there you have it. There are some of the most helpful and superbly beneficial apps for both the Android and iOS users out there. Use these apps to get organized and you will definitely be fascinated by the amazing results they'll bring in your life. These apps not only connect you with the world, as you get to know what's happening out there with each passing second, but these apps also help your friends and family know what you are reading and enjoying these days. It will definitely be awesome if you try all these apps in your device, otherwise just pick your favorite and let us know in comments what are your views about it. We'll surely be waiting for your personal reviews.

By Amna A. for Ezega Entertainment

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