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Bora-BoraFor all the people out there who wish to see the most famous places on earth to visit get ready as in the following read, you are going to find out a few of the top favorite spots that are worth seeing. Quick advice, start saving for this travel guide as you may fall in love with all of these places.

•    Machu Picchu in Peru

The exotic natural beauty of Peru does not need any introductions for sure. Whether you love to feel the cool breeze touching your skin while roaming inside the lush greenery of natural forest or a geek who loves to stare at the screen all the time, once you step on this strikingly beautiful place and see the breathtaking beauty of huge mountains and refreshing greenery you'll fall in love with nature all over again, and will love to stay at this heavenly place forever. White, fluffy clouds lingering on the mighty mountains, lusciously rich greenery of the grass and bushes, an ancient building made with stone and intricately carved to tell the rich traditional culture of this beautiful nation, and the special feel of the air there, all capture yourself in the undeniably present magic of the place. This place was explored by an American explorer Mr. Hiram Bingham III in the year 1911, and since then it has been the basis of utter fascination, amazement, and charm all over the globe. If you love hiking on the trail then you can arrive here through the renowned Inca Trail.

•    Bora Bora in French Polynesia

Bora Bora welcomes an ever-mounting number of tourists from all over the world, throughout the year. Owning to the breathtakingly appealing and incredibly gorgeous beauty of this tremendous place, National Geographic has named it one of the top places to visit in 2019. Not only the natural beauty of this place is admirable, but seeing that how amazingly native people of this place have kept the originality of this place superbly amalgamated with all the modern day facilities is truly remarkable. Being there will not only be a treat for your eyes but will be a relaxing journey for your body as well. Fascinatingly enough, this place is specifically renowned for it's over the water lodging system. Moreover, this mesmerizingly beautiful tropical islands is enriched with one of the best lagoons in the world. A trip to Bora Bora and staying there in a bungalow that is floating over the crystal clear water definitely come on top of the bucket list.

•    Cape Town in South Africa

Cape town is enriched with numerous splendidly gorgeous places that remind you over nature's exotic beauty with every step. This city is located on the south-western coast of South Africa that is overshadowed by the stunning Table Mountain. Every blink of the eye will let you feel the splendor of this place with magical sights and refreshing sites. Else, if you wish to explore the beauty of Cape Toen to the fullest, you must hire a travel guide. You will be taken to the gorgeous Robben Island which also has a historic significance as one of the greatest world leaders, Nelson Mandela was helped in the prison located there. Moreover, after driving of a few hours you can visit the award-winning winery, Stellenbosch. This wine region is particularly famous for its delectable taste all around the world. There is a huge list of places to go to the Cape Town and once there you'll explore the scenic beauty of this place in various dimensions.

•    Paro Valley in Bhutan

Never underestimate the place by its area or location, and the biggest example of this is the stunningly colorful and vibrantly appealing Paro valley of Bhutan. This beautiful place resides proudly between China and India on the map and is famous for its mysterious art, and mystical people. Enriched with the lush history, beautiful traditions, and intricately designed buildings, every landscape of this place is worth watching. Centuries-old temples mysteriously built buildings and of course, heartwarming locals will make your stay immensely memorable.

•    Reykjavik in Island

Particularly famous for the Northern lighting show in the cold winters, this place is world famous for its glorious glaciers and lush fields. Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland and has a lot to offer to its tourists including rich museums, enchanting skyline, delectable New Nordic cuisine, enormous shopping malls, fascinating events all over the year and much more. Specifically, as mentioned before, keep looking every other minute on the sky to appreciate the beauty of Northern Lights and be ready to amazed.

•    Havana in Cuba

Camila Cabello's massive hit "Havana" first come up in mind when you hear or read the word Havana. And singing "Havana o na na" while roaming on the beautiful streets of Havana definitely seems like a dream come true. The music, beautiful lights, and rich historic places of this small yet utterly beautiful city enchant you in its spell and you fall in love with every inch of it right away. This surely goes in every travel lover's bucket list.

•    Santorini in Greece

Just Google this place Santorini and you'll be amazed y the serene scenery of this place. The marvelous amalgamation of different paint colors on the buildings, and significantly unique architecture of them will keep you breathless for a while. Add this place in your bucket list and you won't regret it.

All these places have an extra flare of fun, beauty, entertainment, relaxation, and serenity, and choosing any of these places to plan a vacation any time in the lifetime guarantee you the best time of your life with your family or friends. So, in order to enjoy these exotic places, you must start saving for this travel guide to shape into reality. Just set such an incredible goal in your mind, work hard, and soon you'll be touching the gorgeousness with your hands. Wish you the Best of Luck!

By Amna A. for Ezega Entertainment

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