The Yummiest Chocolates To Fall For on Valentine's Day and All Year

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Chocolate-ValentinesSurely you always want to treat your family with the best of everything on all 365 days of the year, but when it comes to special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and birthdays there must be something really special. Here is a compilation of the yummiest chocolates to fall for on Valentine's and all year around that you and your loved ones will adore.

•    Milk Chocolate by Hershey's

The name of Hershey's certainly not needed any introduction as when it comes to choosing the brilliantly created delectable chocolates, Hershey's name comes on top. If you are not a fan of dark chocolate then the bar of Hershey's Milk chocolate will float you in the river of true pleasure. The texture of this bar is thin, simple but utterly luxurious and satisfying. Fascinatingly enough, a bite full of this bar melts in your mouth instantly leaving the sweet taste of creamy chocolate behind. It's classic, and pure taste of chocolate puts it on the top of any list of desirable chocolates this Valentine's day and all year around.

•    Deep Dark Salted Burnt Caramel Organic Chocolate by Organic Alter Eco

The smoke-induced caramel along with the slight hint of salt melt in your taste buds like butter and take you in the delicious paradise of choco-licious fun world. The crunch of chocolate amalgamated with the silky smoothness of caramel is certainly a pair made in heaven. Above all, this bar is made with all organic ingredients and the slight sprinkling of fleur de sel de Guerande elevates the tasting bar to whole another level. This chocolate bar is definitely a must try, and once tried you'll fall in love with it forever.

•    Mexican Style Hot Chocolate Bar by Olive and Sinclair in Nashville

A wondrous mix of Mexican spices with originally sourced chocolate from the deepest corners of Ghana creates a lusciously luxurious and expansive flavor of this amazing chocolate bar. And when the creation is being done within the premises of the highest quality factory, then the results surely are truly awesome. Olive and Sinclair mix the Mexican spices such as cinnamon and cayenne pepper with the purest quality of chocolate and the prepared bar is set to take your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride of spicy and sweet flavors. Interestingly, a bite of this chocolate bar with a sip of expensive wine is treated for your tongue that you will never forget.

•    Dark Chocolate 85% Caco by Pascha

First things first, it is purely alluring just by looking at its attractive packaging, and once you peel off the shiny paper and veil out the chocolate the silky texture and delectable amalgamation of organic chocolate pick you up instantaneously. Amazingly, this guilty pleasure stuff is also perfect for your health, as it is prepared cautiously in allergen-free premises, it is wheat free, has no nuts, no eggs, no dairy, to soy, zero sesame nuts, gluten-free and also wheat free. Certainly a sigh of relief for people who have to grow through a whole time of researching about the ingredients of any food item before purchasing it, as Pascha has clearly done this task superbly easy. Now anyone can enjoy this incredibly delicious chocolate at any time of the year.

•    Hu Dark Salty Chocolate by Hu Kitchen

This chocolate bar is loaded with a number of great qualities' health wise apart from being great in taste. Just get hold of your seats as I'm beginning to explain its healthy contents, it has no gluten, is sugar-free, has zero cane sugar, is free from dairy ingredients, is no-GMO, has no soy lecithin, has zero emulsifiers, and has no amount of sugar alcohols. And the list of its goodness is not finished yet as it is vegan and paleo product that is enriched with 70% organic cocoa. And to take things to the next level, the experts from the Hu Kitchen hand sprinkle the highest quality French sea salt flakes that get induced in the smoothness of rich dark chocolate. This piece of chocolate will surely be loved by you and your loved one on this Valentine's day.

•    Mo's Dark Bacon Bar by Vosges Haut Chocolat

This is definitely the yummiest chocolates to fall for on Valentine's and all year round as this will give you an intensified pleasure of delicious bacon and the silky chocolate in a single go. It may sound a crazy mix at first, but it truly is an incredible piece of the culinary invention by the chefs at the Vosges. This brand has certainly made their mark with tremendous pride in the industry and hasn't looked back since their first production. Especially talking about this creation, this chocolate bar is baked following a specific protocol as small batches of this chocolate bar are prepared and smoked bacon is induced. The satisfying taste and one of a kind texture of this chocolate make it extremely desirable.

•    Red Hook 72% Dark Bar by Cocoa Prieto from Brooklyn

Traditionally textured and printed wrap around this scrumptiously delicious chocolate bar keeps your palate waiting till you take the first bite and fall in love with the yumminess of organic chocolate. Cocoa Prieto is the name of taste and supreme quality. They use Dominican cocoa and prepare the finest of the chocolate bar all year round to satisfy the taste buds. This bar is way more delicious than it looks, so check out its flavor as soon as possible and feel the pleasure yourself.

•    Pink Elephants Dark Chocolate Bar

Let alone the interestingly appealing concept behind creating the packaging as well as the shapes, and flavors are unbelievably exceeds from the normal standards of the finest chocolates. Not only elephants, rather this company will treat you with the chocolate of varying animal shapes and you'll love them just by looking at them for once. This chocolate bar is surely a yummy treat for all your loved ones all year around.

By Amna A. for Ezega Blogs

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