Nutrition Guideline to Activate Your Muscles for Sports

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Nutrition-GuidelinesImmense indulgence in any sort of physical activity demands balanced availability of nutrition in your body in order to keep it functioning during and after the activity. Sportsperson knows this drill very well. A balanced nutritious diet is a treasure for athletes. Here is a short nutrition guideline to activate your muscles for sports and let you prepare to take part in energetic exercises, games, and events.

•    Take Energizing Liquids Excessively and Early in the Day

Dehydration during the practice session can be the worst enemy of a sports person, so you better take all the measures to avoid it. Intense sessions of daily workouts can be the main reasons of dehydration, specifically in the hot season. And if not taken care of properly, dehydration can ruin your match and in the worst case scenario pose life-threatening dangers. The doctor suggests that "All high-intensity athletes should drink fluids early and often, And don't wait until you're thirsty. By the time you feel parched, you may be seriously dehydrated." And in order to be aware of the alarming situation of dehydration, there is also a symptom, check the color of your urine. If it is pale yellow then it suggests that you have plenty of water in your body but if it is dark then the amount of water in your body is decreasing then the required volume. As intense physical workout can decrease the water content from your body so to avoid any harsh circumstances it is highly recommended drinking any energizing liquid before and during exercise. This will keep the balance of water in your body at a normal level and also keep you safe from dehydration.

•    Consume Less Fat in Your Diet

As much as the availability of an excessive amount of water content is necessary for the health of your body the same is the least amount of fat is beneficial for your health. Athletes and sportsperson (no matter which sport they play) often follow a specific schedule of eating fatty items in their meal and try not to exceed from this ratio to be perfectly healthy, fit and perform well in the game. Your body tends to use fat in order to produce energy during extensively hard game days after burning the carbohydrates. So, you must maintain a wholesome balance of fat in your daily diet so not to be fell short of much-needed energy during the game. Typically, sportsmen fulfill their fat needs by eating foods rich in unsaturated fats which include avocados, olives, nuts, vegetable oil, salmon, and tuna. Apart from being extremely healthy sources of fat, these food items taste amazingly well to your taste buds. A quick tip is to avoid taking fat enriched foods on the day of the match as it can cause heartburn or stomach ache, or in milder (game ruining) cases you may feel heavy.

•    Fill in Your Stomach With Loads of Carbohydrates

Presence of carbohydrates in the daily diet functions as a driving force or the fuel for any sportsperson. This nutrient is converted into the amount of glucose through metabolic processes and is then stored in the form of glycogen to be readily available at the time of need. And that time comes when you indulge your body in the action of a strenuous workout. During the play or intensive workout, this stored glycogen in the muscles is converted into the energy. Your daily and normal intake of carbohydrates is perfect for 90 minutes of work out (which is enough), and if you wish to mount up your energy level then mimicking following tricks can prove highly effective,

1.    Dr, Joy Dubost, who is a Sports dietician says that "Carbohydrate loading for 3 or 4 days before an event can help top up your glycogen stores,”.

2.    Take your meal at least 3 to 4 hours before daily exercise, on the game day. This is to ensure that your stomach will be empty during play.

3.    A big portion of your daily meal must be composed of at least 70% of carbohydrates. You can get carbohydrates from foods like bread, pasta, cereals, vegetables, and fruits. This will increase the level of glycogen (the stored form of energy) in your body.

4.    Importantly, it is highly advisable to take up an excessive amount of carbohydrate after finishing an intensive workout session. Because this time your body is in dire need of quick energy meals and there is no better and healthier source of energy than carbohydrates. Fill up your stomach's need with carrot sticks, yummy bagel or a handful of juicy fruits.

•    A Balanced Ratio of Proteins

Any nutrition guideline to activate your muscles for sports is certainly incomplete without mentioning proteins. Interestingly, this essential nutrient does not act as a direct source of energy as carbohydrate does, but it is extremely essential to maintain the perfect health of your muscles. Interestingly, every individual has a specific need for protein and that depends on your body weight. Medically, a person requires 1.2 to 1.4 grams of protein per 1 kilogram of his/ her body weight. For instance, for a person of 150 pounds, approximately 88 grams of protein is needed in daily meal. Additionally, it is highly recommended filing your protein requirements by eating protein enriched foods rather than taking protein supplements. Supplements may pose any harmful effect of your body, but while eating a meal you will know exactly what you are entering your body. Consequently, enjoy eggs, milk, nuts, and fish in an appropriate amount. This will be efficiently effective for your health but will also be delectable for the palette.

•    Enjoy Special Sports Drinks

The market is flooded with all kinds of sports drinks, and you can enjoy any depending on your personal preference. The importance of these energy drinks lies in their excessive electrolytes. One of the major issue with sportsperson is the loss of electrolytes due to sweating during exercise. And these fluids can replenish this need within a single bottle.

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