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Nike-ShoesFitness enthusiasts, athletes and anyone who is passionate about any sports know the vitality of perfect sports kit, sports accessories, and above all, superbly comfortable sports shoes. When it comes to choosing quality, reliability, and guarantee for a perfect fit, all sports personals only rely on top class sports brands. If you are wondering which are the best sports shoe brands, then this article will end your quest. Here are the best of the best sports shoes brands to choose from, pick any of these brands and you will love playing with them. 

•    Nike

Some brands don't need any introduction or pieces to showcase their worth, quality, and excellence, and Nike stands on the premium spots in this category. When it comes to choosing the best from the best while buying sports shoes, Nike's name is definitely the first choice. Being there in the store, you just need to explain the type of sports you often play, what you are looking for in a show, and there you go! You will be handed over with the incredibly supreme quality shoe that you will adore for life. Nike's company was founded on 25th January in 1964 in Washington County, Oregon by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. And now the presidency of this giant company is chaired by the CEO, Mark Parker. Initially, the company was named Blue Ribbon Sports but was patented as NIKE INC, officially on 30th May of 1971. Now, the company generates $30.601 billion in revenue with the operating income of $4.175 billion. The headquarters and offices of this company are located all over the globe in 45 big countries. Adding a glamorous touch to the big financial number of Nike is its ambassadors from different sports. 

•    Reebok

Globally renowned for its authentic, stylish, and comforting footwear and apparel, Reebok, founded back in the year 1958 by the geniuses Joe Foster and Jeff Foster in Bolton, England. Reebok is at the epitome of success. In 2005, Reebok started operating its business under the umbrella of Adidas and fostered more since then. Interestingly, this name has been attached with numerous teams including CrossFit, UFC, Spartan Race and Les Mills. Reebok delivers its products all around the globe and its official global headquarters are situated in Massachusetts. Taking about the net operating worth of the company, well it certainly matches the popularity of its name and is about $2.4 billion. This company certainly enjoy its position among the topmost liked sports shoe brands in the world.

•    Adidas

Adidas is one of the leading sports shoe brands of the world and surely hold its definite position among the best sports shoes brands to choose from. Adidas is a German multinational company that was started in 1924 by Adolf Dassler. To this date, Adidas has achieved tremendous success and is associated with numerous big names in Sports. Astonishingly, more than 54000 people work at different facilities of Adidas, and the estimated operating income is about 1.5 billion euros while the revenue generated is 19.30 billion euros. Once in their store, you will find numerous sports accessories other than shoes including sports clothing. So, feast yourself with high quality at Adidas and enjoy shopping.

•    Vans

Founded back in 1966, Vans company has set a benchmark of high quality, comfort, and class in the Sports shoe industry. Serge D'Elia, Paul Van Doren, Gordon C Lee, and James Van Doren are the founding members of this eminent shoe brand. The first headquarters of Vans was located in Anaheim, a town in California and the company was branded by the name of Van Doren Rubber Company. Fortunately and with consistent hard work, Van's success shoot to the stars and this day this company is running its headquarters in different major cities such as Cypress and California, and its products are renowned for their excellent quality, premium made and superior manufacturing. Owning to its supreme quality and popularity of its products, Van's proudly catered its customers from all around the globe and has received tremendous customer reviews for its vigilant delivery services. Apart from sports shoes, Van's has an incredible collection of footwear accessories and sports clothing as well. So while roaming around their online store to purchase sports shoes, you can treat yourself with much-appreciated sports clothing as well.

•    Under Armour

This American shoe brand was founded by Kevin Plank in the '90s. Initially, sports shoe production was not a fundamental manifesto of the company, rather other sports accessories and clothing built its reputation to the peak. And a decade later in 2006, the company initiated the production line of sports shoes and that was immensely well-received by masses, and the market value of the company peaked with this launch. The company held its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland and currently employ approximately 12000 workers from all over the world. The market value of this company is amazing. To be very precise, under armor has generated a revenue of $960,000,000 with the net income of $232,573,000. And the overall operating income of this brand is about $408,574,000. Apart from the numbers, if you desire to enjoy the top quality, comfort, and sturdy feel, then sports shoes from this brand will be a perfect choice for you.

•    Puma

Puma is a German company that was founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler and since then it resides on the epitome of excellence in sports footwear. The Puma headquarters are in Herzogenaurach, a city in Germany and has more than 10,000 people employed. Owing to the current success and huge popularity of this company, it can easily be assumed that Puma generate handsome revenue. To be very precise the operating income of the company is estimated to be 96.3 million euros and the revenue generated by Puma is 3.387 billion. Cobra Golf works as the subsidiary of Puma. While shopping from Puma, you will definitely get the best worth of your money and you will definitely be amazed by the quality and range of the products.

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