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Posted Date : 09 Feb 2019 16:05 hrs

Trump-LiesSince the first day Trump took office f the President of the United States of America, there has never been a dull day for print media, social media or electronic media. We have been fed a variety of news, some dreadful, some surprising, some funny, but most of the time falsely claimed statements from the Oval office. You can easily observe a shocking sky-high number of trump's lies right from the commencement of his presidential duties. Trump has started throwing tantrums right from the day of his inaugural ceremony (the famous one about the comparison of the crowd size of his ceremonial audience with the crowd size of Obama's both inaugural speeches), and of course the next day, the term "fake news" came into highlight and remains there to be forever.

Fortunately for production houses, unfortunately for the people of United States, and amusingly to the whole world, there has never been a dull day ever since, as Trump is used to making false statements, unverified accusations, and blunt and thoughtless remarks by each and everything he observes or experiences. You can check out any news or entertainment channel any day and your screen will be flooded with something hilariously unbelievable that is somehow associated with Trump in one or another way. Or you can say, it is another way of being delighted and light-headed these days.

Observing the consistency in tweeting or making official statements without having a verbal grip, factual authenticity, and mature approach about any current topic, there has become a long list of Trump's lies. Owning to this consistency and determined continuity, one can well imagine the exhaustive task of "Trump's fact checkers". Well, to be very clear, every news media or house has a panel of credible individuals whose job is to check the authenticity, genuineness, and legitimacy of any given news and fact-check claims. But given the complexity of the current situation, Trump's fact checkers cannot have a day off.

In December of last year, Washington Post published a report in which they summarize the total number of lies Trump had spoken till the 30th of December. These claims were gathered by the Fact Checker's database of which primary task is to scrutinize, analyze, track down and categorize each and every statement made by the President or word uttered by him about anything, any person, any historical event or any country. And, surely, he has passed in all categories with flying colors as the major subject is Lying.

•    First 8 Months

According to this report that references back to the Fact Checker's Database, in the initial 8 months of his presidential occupancy, and you will definitely be immensely shocked by seeing the number, Trump tweeted or presented misleading statement 1137 times and that become 5 wrong statements or lies in a day.

•    Midterm Rallies

The story of a shocking sky-high number of trump's lies continues and take unimaginable twist and turns. While rallying for the campaigning of midterm elections all over the United States, Trump grabbed the stage and use it to take his lie game to next level when he made 1205 false claims that make 39 lies in a day. Surely a surprisingly brutal number.

•    Till The Report Published

Till 30th December 2018 the total of false claims made by the President of the United States reached to the surmountable number of 7645. And well he seems to proudly own it as he continues to lie on and on.

•    The Biggest Month for His Favorite Thing to Do in Public

While cheering up his Republican candidates, he came up with the most remarkable false statements that reach to shocking sky-high number of Trump's lies. And only in the month of November before the midterm elections, Trump made 866 false claims all because to win the crowd, get cheers and seduce people with falsehood to vote for republicans eventually. Washington post has clearly crafted this report perfectly and shared us all the intricate details. Check them out below!

•    On November 2nd, President of the United States made 97 false claims while cheering up the crowds of Huntington, and Indianapolis.

•    On November 3rd, while speaking with the people of Pensacola and Belgrade, he made 130 false claims.

•    On November 5 President trump made 139 false claims while speaking with the people of Cleaveland, Indiana, and Girardeau.

•    And eventually, on 26th of that same November, he made 90 false claims in his two rallies held in the state of Mississipi.

•    Well, the story of his falsehood goes on and on and his most favorite period of making false statements is clearly when he is out there before the crowd for campaigning for elections. As a total of 2030 false statements of Trump came from his speeches (either prepared or unprepared) from the rallies.

•    The press events are other alluring events for Trump to enjoy the falsehood, as he lain or made 1944 false statements during his press briefings.

•    The world of Twitter is not new to the President's Trump's bombarding words. But particularly, after he held office, President Trump has lied 1314 times through this medium. Surely, Twitter is Trump's favorite social territory as there is no time of the day where you cannot imagine a tweet from President Trump.

Overall, big newspapers like Washinton Post and New York Times have posted their full-fledged, perfectly authenticated and pre-checked new reports over the false statements of the President of the most powerful country in the world, and the read is definitely astonishing and comes with super shocking numbers. Well, with all that before eyes and well spread all over the news, still President Trump manage to sneak and make some more and entitle the news media as his famous quote/ phrase "Fake News", and continue to say lies.

By Amna A. for Ezega Blogs

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