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Beauty-VloggersInterestingly, one thing that is going at its peak in this modern age is the acceptance of diversified forms and shapes of beauty. People are more interested in knowing what makeup brands are there in the market that have something special in store specifically for their facial complexion, and secondly people need some expert faces to give them knowledge on how to look beautiful in their own skin. With such tremendous evolution in make brands, and especially in people's minds, beauty Vloggers on YouTube came into the scene. And they have definitely changed the game enormously. Here I have enlisted some of the most followed beauty vloggers on YouTube that are worth spending your time or say have a tendency to steal your attention are a lot, and once you start following a trend you will definitely binge watch at least 5 of their videos. So without further ado let's find out who they are!

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is a bombshell of numerous talents and whatever thing he does gains popularity instantly. He is a diva on his own, have excellence in makeup techniques, is a superbly creative fashion designer, been a model, wrote and played several hit songs, and his talent show doesn't stop just there as he keeps on alluring the audience with his interesting, blunt and honest take on beauty brands. And surely, where the audience loves and surely waits for his honest opinion on newly launched makeup products, he often picks twitter fights with major beauty brands such as Kylie Cosmetics and Huda Beauty. Nevertheless, he truly lives up to his name as he is a superstar of the industry.

Talking about his Youtube-ing career, he launched his channel on Valentine's day of 2006 and has gained 12 million subscribers since then. The channel was initially launched to promote his cosmetic line that was founded in 2014 but with his catchy personality and significant take on topics, this channel became the love of millennials lives. Jeffree Star is the top rated beauty blogger of this day!

Tati Westbrook

Famous as Tati, Tatiana Westbrook has such a cool, relatable, outgoing personality that will instantly make you her follower with her sweet and saucy chat. She got in the Makeup industry as Hollywood stylist and makeup artist and when she started her channel back in 2010, every viewer got involved in her enchantingly vibrant makeup addiction, and now she has achieved an astounding mark of 5.4 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. She is immensely popular for her honest opinions, a fair take on the application of different products with respect to her skin type, and age, and with her, off and on a sneak peek to her personal life built a strong relationship with her viewership. Well, she sure is beautiful, honest, and is one of the best beauty bloggers out there.

Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie started her beauty channel in 2008, but she gained popularity with her video titled "The Power of Makeup" back in 2015. This was a courageous and bold move that showed the importance of makeup and how using different tools and techniques you can sculpt and enhance the beauty of your facial features. Interestingly, this video went viral and inspired a lot of women to show their face with and without using makeup. And now she has more than 11 million subscribers to her beauty channel and the number is growing every day. Nikkie has achieved much with her Youtube channel and is also associated with Maybelline. She was born on 2nd March 1994 and is certainly one of the top most influential youngsters out there.

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn is without a doubt one of the most followed beauty vloggers on YouTube and reserves her place as one of the tops most influential one as well. She started her Youtube career back in 2010, and in these years she has collaborated with Morphe numerous times and has launched her signature Jacylin Hill eye shadow palette that is famous all around the globe, in addition to her vault collection and makes up brushes. She is a super diva and possesses superb to make up expertise. Now her channel has about A million subscribers. Apart from her amazing makeup techniques, she surely influences youngsters with her honest and clear approach to real life hassles. If you want to learn makeup tips and tricks with a highly professional take, then surely this is the girl to watch.

Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss is a perfect example of starting from the scratch and going and the peak of success and most importantly keeping humbleness, purity of heart and kindness alongside the road. He described himself as a self-taught makeup artist who learned his techniques from the contemporary to make up artists, Way Bandy, and Kevyn Aucoin and then mastered these techniques with his own creativity, hard work, and innate potential to understand things better. He works as a freelance makeup artist in the industry and gains his clients through the recommendation of currently existing clients. He started his Youtube channel in 2008 and is now enjoying the fan base of more than 3.5 million subscribers. In addition to that, he launched his own line of makeup brushes in 2013 which is flourishing exceedingly well.

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan joined the world of Youtube in 2006 and as of now, she has close to 9 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views of her videos. Her lively personality, honest opinion, and vibrant take on different things create a relatable relationship with the viewers and you instantly feel connected to her charming personality. She has uploaded more about 400 videos which cover various sorts of topics. Check out her stuff and you'll not regret it for sure.

Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous truly loves everything related to beauty. She is a fashion diva, model, actress, and creates gorgeous looks with her immensely brilliant makeup techniques. She has 2.7 million subscribers on Youtube and is gaining more and more with her amazing video collection.

By Amna A. for Ezega Blogs

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