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Forbes-MagazineTo be informed with the financial standings of different companies and their economic position in the business world, it is extremely important to know their financial chart and their symphony with the current market trends. Business magazines are the most wholesome form of getting this information as they elucidate all these through different news stories, listings, and articles. Additionally, the comments and analytical reporting helps to understand things better. Following is the compiled list of the top business magazines to remain informed with the business world. For anyone who strives to know the profile of this company in detail, this listing will provide valuable information.

1.    Forbes

Forbes is the leading American business magazine that publishes original stories, and articles on market trends, investing options, finance, and Industry. Moreover, it features reports on finance and marketing related subjects which mainly cater categories such as communication, technology, science, law, and politics. It is a biweekly magazine. Forbes was first published 101 years ago on September 15th of 1917 and its founders were B.C Forbes and Walter Drey, financial columnist for the Heart papers. The initial name of this magazine went as Forbes: Devoted to Doers and Doings. Initially, Drey provided the company with publishing help while finances were provided by Forbes. And to this date, Forbes magazine is considered highly authentic when it comes to checking financial and influential rankings of people, products, and various companies in different categories. This magazine will give you incredibly well organized, well researched, authentic, and updated information on all financial as well as current affairs aspects.

2.    Fortune

This American business magazine was founded by Henry Luce 90 years ago in 1920 and the first copy of this magazine was published after a year in February of 1930. Since 2009, Fortune is being published three days a week, before that it was being published biweekly since 1978. Fortune is among the premium magazine to date, while its competitors being Bloomberg Businessweek and Forbes. Fortune is jam-packed with all kinds of business and finance stories, covering all the intricate and major aspects of companies. If you are wondering to know market trends, economic state, or financial trade line of any company just check out the online version of this magazine and you will be briefed with every aspect of your subject. In addition to that, Fortune publishes a Fortune 500 list, Fortune 1000, Fortune global. 40 under 40 Most Powerful women and several other rankings which are considered prestigious and reliable in the industry.

3.    Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is published by the Harvard Business Publishing and is published only 6 times in the year. This highly prestigious magazine was founded 97 years ago in 1922 and has now become one of the leading business magazines in the market. With respect the business area this magazine covers, it publishes a highly versatile and diverse spectrum of topics which touches financial and economic standings of different industries, geographic locations and also the management functionalities of different businesses. Moreover, major areas of that are elaborated in Harvard business magazine are related to negotiation strategies, marketing, and financial operations, organizational changes, and leadership skills. It certainly is a business magazine that covers theoretical as well as practical aspects of the business. Fascinatingly enough, top business terminologies such as strategic intent, marketing myopia, glass ceiling, balanced scorecard, information technology, core competence, globalization, and reengineering were introduced and highlighted by this magazine. Harvard Business Review is certainly a must-read for both expert and successful businessmen as well as freshers and business students. Doesn't matter where your financial and business understanding fall, this is definitely among the top business magazines to remain informed to the business world.

4.    Bloomberg Businessweek

Originally named as Businessweek which was founded back in 1929, a couple of weeks before the crash of stock market the same year. The basic aim of this business magazine was to keep people updated about the market trends and financial industry all over the globe. And by covering management, finance, labor, and marketing issues in the earlier publications, it became the hit to gain information about the political scenario, economic trends and to check out the business trends all around the world. After suffering through recession and decline in the sale in the period of late 2000s, Bloomberg L.P bought all the shares of this company in 2009 by paying 2 to 5 million dollars and renamed the magazine as Bloomberg Businessweek. Nonetheless, the worth of news stories and business articles remain unchanged and you can get your hands on this 47 times per year.

5.    The Economist

The Economist is a London based weekly newspaper that is circulated over 1.5 million copies per week, and half of this circulation is American based. It was founded back in 843 and is continuously updating people with current affairs, business news, and other stories. Among the highlighting features of this magazine is its solid stance on impactful subjects like free immigration, economic liberalism, free trade, cultural liberalism, same-sex marriages, drug liberalization, and globalization are on top. In-depth coverage of news stories and detailed analysis of various subjects are the characteristic features of this magazine. The publication CEO of The Economist has described the era of the 21st century as "New Age of Mass Intelligence" and this magazine is surely serving for the purpose. Without a doubt, one must grab a copy of The Economist to get intricate details on the business world. The Economist has gained its readership globally over the past few years.

6.    Business & Finance

 Business & Finance is an Irish business magazine which is published fortnightly. This business magazine covers news stories, analytical articles, and a commenting section on the economic state of the Irish business world and also international grounds. It first founded in 1964 by Hugh McLaughlin. Readership of this magazine consists of business leaders and heads of different companies. For anyone who is especially interested in knowing the details of the Irish business world, this magazine is definitely going to help.

By Amna A. for Ezega Blogs

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