The Best TV Shows to Binge Watch

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TV-shows-towatchFor everyone out there who wants to watch some good stuff, here is a list of the best TV shows to binge watch. You'll find action, love, humor, romance, fantasy, and horror all here.

1.    Game of Thrones

Whenever there'll be any listings preparing for most watched, well directed, superbly dramatized or just the best shows ever aired on TV, Game of Thrones will always make that list. Crafted with the huge budget will be the shabby word for the amount of work, a number of extras, total of heavy mercenaries scenes and CGIs have put while making this show. Historic politics amalgamated with the fantasy of dragon is so mesmerizingly portrayed in this show that you can't keep your eyes away from the screen. Game of Thrones is notorious for showing sexual encounters as well as depicting immensely bold and barbaric killing scenes. Its finale season is coming to HBO this April, so you better watch the previous seasons to enjoy final season.

2.    Sex and the City

Showcasing the stunning beauty of a group of fashion-forward friends while displaying the real-life issues with a charming flair, and in-depth intricacy. This amazingly attractive show aired from 1998 to 2004 and surely it kept glued its audience all this time. A huge number of people seemed to be taking this show as a fashion depicting series, only talking about the high heels, vibrant colors, and cocktail parties, but once you start watching its episodes, the way lives of all the characters are built up, you'll get amazed by the incredible script and mesmerizing acting. Not only girls but I'm pretty sure, boys will love this show as well.

3.    Breaking Bad

The story revolves around an insanely brilliant Chemistry professor, Walter White, who never gets due importance and a clumsy student, Jesse Pinkmen. The first season may feel dangling, but you'll be caught up in some of the moments. But things start to heat up real bad in the second season. So if you will remain glued then you are gonna get a taste of something really good. The mixture of the incredible storyline, heart-wrenching situations, and real-life hardships make it so relatable yet so dramatic. You have to watch it yourself to believe it.

4.    Friends

If you are looking for the best TV shows to binge watch to put your mood into a relaxing mood, let you beam with loads of laughter, and fix every tension of your body then Friends is what you need. Friends just never get old. First aired in the '90s and till this date, people have protested online when it was removed from Netflix. If you don't know about this (which surely hardly be the case), it revolves around 6 friends who hang out at a coffee shop called central perk, and the show told the story of them meeting each other, finding jobs, making a career, relationships, and whatever life put before them. This is an insanely hilarious TV show that you certainly don't want to miss out.

5.    Scandal

This is an American TV show based on Judy Smith who worked for George Bush. The lead character is played by the stunning Kerry Washington. The camera clicking sounds, unbelievably difficult case and their shocking solutions will allure you to binge watch every season.

6.    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine aired from 1993 to 1999 and Star Trek fans loved every bit of it. This season has nailed the concept of fantastic storytelling that will smoothly create an incredible fantasy world for you use great imagination skills, and you will fall under the spell of one-of0a-kind characters and their adventures. Star Trek has certainly pioneered the concept of binge-watching for the audience.

7.    The Walking Dead

The first episode of The Walking Dead aired in 2010 and its loyal viewers love every bit of its every season, every episode, and every scene till to date. This show is running successfully without any plans of halting and surely we love it. The show is based on Zombies. Well, before this show, there was a concept of zombies but people didn't take that seriously, but when this show started airing the post-apocalyptic world boom open, and people loved the astonishing characterization, unbelievable situations, and shocking storyline. Once you start watching this, it'll become hard for you to stop.

8.    Sherlock

The classic Sherlock Holmes is so brilliantly dramatized in the British TV series Sherlock that you start falling for your favorite fictional character all over again. This classic character is incredibly dramatized in modern times and the portrayal of situations, and the use of modern equipment allures every bit of your being. This series is not to be missed, for sure.

9.    The Office US

The Office US is the adaptation of its UK which was created by Ricky Gervais. The Office US is led by Steve Carell playing Micheal Scott. And if you are wondering about the authenticity of the claims that US version is better than the original UK, then you have heard just right. This TV show had 9 seasons and sure people wanted to watch more. It has certainly opened up a new spectrum of comedy and people had just fallen in love with the characters.

10.    Doctor Who

Aired back in 1963 and remained fascinating generations after generation till 1989, Doctor Who doesn't need any introduction. This show is so intricately designed, well picturized and superbly thought of that you fall for each and every scene of it. And when this classical TV show was brought back in 2005, the amount of zeal and enthusiasm the younger generation showed in this series was mounting. All of its seasons have gained remarkable viewership. This series urges you to open up the closed doors of your brain and let you explore outskirts of this world through the lens of imagination while keeping the sense of surprise, entertainment, and drama intact. You will be glued to your screens right after watching the first scene.

By Amna A. for Ezega Blogs

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