For Swift and Easy On the Go Typing Try These Wireless Keyboards

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Posted Date : 22 Feb 2019 13:59 hrs

KeyboardsDuring traveling or playing games on your devices, you need easy and simple keyboards. If you are someone who is looking for swift and easy on the go typing try these wireless keyboards. These keyboards will give you a hassle-free typing experience!

•    Corsair K63 Wireless Special Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard is definitely like a blessing for all the gaming freaks, as it is the best wireless keyboard for gamers. As surely all the gaming lovers out there know that most of the gaming keyboards available in the market come with single wired USB connection, but this company, Corsair, is one of the few brands which produce wireless gaming keyboards. About its highlighting features, this gaming keyboard is adorned with Cherry MX red keys, LED backlights, and a number of hotkeys that specializes in playback music. You can purchase it from Amazon at $79.99.

•    Logitech K780 Bluetooth Keyboard

This is by far the best keyboard among all the mentioned keyboards in this list, or you can say available in the market this time. Most of the customers have reviewed this product to be the best in all the categorizing features. Apart from being able to connect with Bluetooth, this keyboard can easily be connected to the computer through USB receiver port. It comes with a stand to put your tablet or phone thus you can keep your devices still and perfectly laced. Moreover, it gives you the option of hassle-free switching between devices. The batteries are extremely powerful, and can easily use for 2 years straight without worrying about replacing them with new. This keyboard truly gives you a seamless and swift working functionality. Logitech k780 Bluetooth keyboard is available on Amazon at the 25% discounted rate of $59.99. 

•    Logitech Craft Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech craft Bluetooth keyboard is, first of all, a well crafted, beautifully designed, and chic looking product that puts luxury and necessity beautifully in place. It is perfectly illuminated that makes it super easy to work at night and exceptionally comfortable to type for long hours. This premium looking keyboard definitely reside on the upper side of the price range, but it's powerful features and modish designing creates a perfect luxurious aura that is worth the price. It works efficiently well with smartphones as well as with tablet. You can get your hands on this keyboard by purchasing it from Amazon in $169.92.

•    Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple has remarkably revolutionized the technology with its brilliant advancements, novel approaches and, authentic research. And being the pioneer of technological empowerment as we experience today, Apple is set to mesmerize with a number of its novel products in the market. Apple magic keyboard with numeric keypad is one such amazing product that will squeeze you closer to ease, simple and hassle-free life. This is definitely the best full-sized keyboard, perfect for Mac users. If your work requires clicking and punching of loads of number every day then this magic keyboard is certainly the best option available for you in the market. It has an aluminum body, illuminating keys, and comes with a rechargeable battery. The battery will last for a month to recharge again. It comes in $142 and you can easily buy it from Amazon.

•    Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

The very stylish looking, beautifully crafted and luxuriously made Microsoft surface ergonomic keyboard is definitely one of a kind. You'll definitely fall in love with it on the first sight, and knowing its incredibly proficient functioning will make you buy it promptly. The curved grayish metallic body, along with Alcantara palm rest enhances its value to the highest level. Adding more to its features is its Bluetooth connectivity and ease of use. This keyboard needs two AAA batteries and these can easily last for one year. It can be purchased from Amazon in just $103.

•    Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard

For those who are looking for quality amalgamated with affordability then Logitech k480 Bluetooth keyboard is the best choice available in the market right now. You can buy this simply amazing keyboard from Amazon in just $31 and can enjoy its amazing features. It can easily get connected to three devices in a single go and allow you to switch between these devices in a hassle-free manner. In addition to that, this keyboard has a built-in the nifty slot which allows you to connect it with your tablet or phone, thus you'd be able to have clear and HD viewing.

•    Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Arteck hb030b universal slim portable wireless Bluetooth keyboard is super slim, superbly simple and highly efficient to use. One of the top most amazing quality of this keyboard is its cheap price, as you can buy it from Amazon in just $19.99, but that will not affect its efficient quality. Talking about its battery, then the rechargeable batteries can last approximately 6 months easily. Its keys are backlit thus you can use it at night without for hassle-free typing on iPad. Moreover, it comes with the feature of auto-ff mode, which helps in battery conservation.

•    Anker Ultra Compact Bluetooth Keyboard

This Anker ultra compact Bluetooth keyboard is superbly affordable and is a well-constructed, perfectly featured, and high-quality product in comparison with expensive keyboards from big names. You can connect this keyboard with any device via Bluetooth, and start working on the go. You can purchase this keyboard from Amazon in just $21.99 and enjoy all its features.

•    Microsoft Surface Keyboard

Microsoft Surface keyboard is beautifully designed with minimalistic style in full fledge size. If you are looking for top-notch quality with superb functionalities than this $99.97 is a great option. It is powered with 2 AAA batteries that will function for a year. This keyboard is compatible with Mac, Android, and Windows software. People who desire for swift and easy on the go typing try these wireless keyboards by Microsoft.

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