Make Your Routine Life Easier with These Google Products

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Posted Date : 22 Feb 2019 15:02 hrs

Google-ProductsIn today's busy life that is loaded with so much stuff to do, Google has devised some insanely genius products that will definitely bring some ease in your hectic routine. You can truly make your routine life easier with these Google products and increase a little comfort and relaxation. This list has a range of products designed by Google that range from $800 to $30. Depending on your personal needs, budget and comfort level, you can pick a bunch of them or a single item. Let's dig in and find out more in detail.

1.    Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

In comparison, with all the Android devices available in the market right now, the tech Giant Google's produced, these two Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL certainly reside on the throne. These Android devices are definitely the best of the bests. With the dual finishing of glass material incredible battery life,  amazing camera, and powerful hardware, these devices are set to change your vision about the smartphones. Additionally, the operation of these devices is currently the best among all the Android devices available right now. So, for the ultimate experience of a top-notch quality smartphone, these devices are the best choice. This gadget worth $799.

2.    Nest Secure Alarm System

Certainly on the high end of price range, but this security alarm system will put your mind at ease. The complete package of this alarm system includes a powerful siren, main hub along with keypad, two sensors that can get connected with windows and doors, and two tags. This is a smart security system that needs an easy, effortless and seamless setup and you'll be able to put your mind in a relaxed stage. You can arm or disarm your alarm with the help of these nest tags, just by a simple tap, and there is no need to enter any passcode. Additionally, to add more security company provides you with integrated cameras. Moreover, you can customize your security system by adding more nest tags, if required. This incredibly efficient security system can be purchased in $394.

3.    Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub was definitely the most exciting, and technologically one-of-kind Google product of 2018. This technologically magical product is loaded with numerous features and qualities. Google Home Hub comes with a 7-inch screen touchscreen, and open a wide range of conversational doors for users with the Google assistant. And when not in use, it itself play photos from the Google Photos and display them on the main screen. Additionally, you can also watch YouTube videos and can connect it with other smart products as well. This product has revolutionized the technological equipment, and open up a new dimension of home products. Just like other products from Google, this product also functions as a companion or your buddy inside the home. There are chances of new changes in this product and the launch of many such products as well. Price of this Google product is $149.

4.    Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Sleek looking, and stylishly crafted Net Hello Video Doorbell allows the homeowner to keep an eye on the door when away from home. And the visuals are of high quality. You don't have to check once in a while, rather it will send you notifications or alert on your device when there is anyone at the door. You can feed the information of your friends or family members for it to recognize in the future. Using a mobile app, you can also answer the door with the help of a mic and a speaker. It can be installed easily and will give you magically efficient results. This amazingly advanced doorbell can be purchased in $229.

5.    Nest E-Learning Thermostat

Nest E-learning thermostat looks incredibly chic, modish, and luxurious while seeming simple, plain and subtle at the same time. It is perfectly blendable with a modishly decored home. While talking about its features, it is adorned with the powers of learning the atmospheric temperature of your space and then balancing it out perfectly as per your requirements. So, it'll programme itself according to the requirements itself. Additionally, you can adjust the temperature through a mobile app or with Google Assistant's command as well. This gadget is available in the market at $159.

6.    Nest Protect Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

As the name explains itself, it is a smoke or fire detector, with an added feature of sending you alerts on your mobile devices when you are away from your home, in case any smoke. Having a technologically advanced and perfectly designed smoke detector is surely a must. The designing and apparent looks of this product are superb. This available at Amazon at the price of $95.

7.    Google Pixel USB-C Earbuds

These $30 earbuds are technologically super advanced and have an exceptional quality. One of the main features is that these earbuds can be connected with Google assistant, and with that, it can seamlessly translate 40 different languages. The voice quality of these earbuds is extraordinarily fine, and the availability of loops creates a perfect fit around the ears. Users have reviewed this product extremely fine.

8.    Google Pixel Slate Chrome OS Tablet

Pixel Slate is the next model of Chrome OS, launched in 2018. This versatile tablet, with the finest visual quality, comes with a 12.3-inch touchscreen and is loaded with a wide range of Intel processors for powerful processing. It has two USB ports, and the battery life is of about 12 hours. Nonetheless, this gadget is charged fast and you can use it while traveling as well. Google Pixel Slate Chrome OS Tablet is a high-end product and is available at a price of $799 in the market. And with a great many features, this gadget is worth every penny.

There you have it! These are some of the amazingly genius tech products designed by Google. You can make your routine life easier with these Google products and can live a tech-savvy life.

By Amna A. for Ezega News

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