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Soundcore-Spirit-X-Wireless-EarbudsFor all the fitness freaks out there, who are looking for some great sports headphones, here is a list of some technologically marvellous and best reviewed sports headphones. Hit the fitness track with these sports headphones and achieve your fitness goals with style.

•    Soundcore Spirit X Wireless Earbuds

Wireless headphones by soundcore are loaded with amazing features that make it one of the best to hit the gym with. One of the most required features for a sports headphone is it being sweat proof, as you certainly get swamped up and don't want to ruin your headphones with just a few drops of sweat. Amazingly enough, sweat guard of this headphone is specifically designed to make it resistant from any corrosion. Another great quality of these headphones is incredibly marvellous sound quality. These headphones are adorned with 10mm dynamic drivers, bass up technology, precision tuning, and crystal clear sound, all creating a high-quality product. Giving up to 12 hours consistent playtime, this $50 product is worth every penny. Reasonably priced earbuds are no less than any expensive earbuds to be used during the workout.

•    Sony WD- SP700N

Sony has launched some of the incredibly high quality, dynamic, and extraordinarily amazing products in the technological industry, and with the production of good quality headphones, it has surpassed its level and has got amazing reviews. This model of sports headphones by Sony is enriched with all the necessary features. These are really wireless, as you'll just have to them in your ears like earbuds and carry on your workout routine without any hassle of a short or long wire. Amazing sound quality superbly creates a serene ambience during strenuous workout sessions or running. And you don't need to worry about the sweat splashes ruining the headphones, all because of its IPX4 rated sweat resistant technology. This product gives you up to 9 hours of playtime, so enjoy the music for long hours of workouts without thinking about recharging your headphones. These powerfully equipped headphones can easily be purchased from Amazon in just $178.

•    US Sports Wireless Train Headphones by the JBL

The best way to stay motivated during the work out session, and be enthusiastic to achieve the goals, JBL has tuned the headphones to particularly fulfil all the much-needed requirements of the fitness freaks. This headphone is amazingly feasible to operate, loaded with numerous features, has oversized buttons, and has logos on the earcups as well. The ear cushion is super comfortable and perfectly fits on the ears, moreover, it is easily removable too. One of the highlighting features of this headphone is its switching button that breaks the music sounds to allow you to easily listen to the instructions by the trainer. Through this button, your music will be turned down and the built-in microphone will be escalated to hear the instructions easily. And of course, its signature sound is brilliant without a doubt. Talking about the battery life, you will be amazed by it's up to 16 hours of play time. So just put in your headphones in the bags and forget about charging these, just focus on your workout.

•    Bose SoundSport

These in-ear headphones are particularly designed to cater to Apple devices. Fascinatingly, there are three sizes or shapes of these earphones are available to choose from. Depending upon the particular shape that feels comfortable, painless, and seamless to wear, you can order one. Apart from being sweat resistant, these are weather resistant as well. These are particularly tested to be durable, and high quality as well. Additionally, depending upon the iPhone model you possess you can select the matching case. Another highlighting quality of these posh quality headphones is that you can easily switch between music and phone calls using a remote. You can get your hand on this marvellously designed, high-quality product by ordering it from Amazon in $99.

•    Jabra Elite Active 65t Completely Wireless Earbuds

Exceptionally fitting, having superb quality, awesome sound system, and easy wireless connectivity make these Jabra Elite earphones one of the best sports earbuds available in the market. These sports headphones certainly shout out technological peak and incredibly made. You would definitely want to hit the fitness track with these sports headphones to listen to some high-quality music while doing an enthusiastic workout. The sound is superbly balanced, unlike most of the other sports headphones which provide you with heavy bass sound. The sound quality of these headphones particularly feels surprisingly pleasant while listening to some of the very popular workout playlists. Well, no matter what sort of music you prefer listening to while working out, you'll love these for sure. Furthermore, you can tune in the volume and music system of these headphones easily through a mobile phone app. Reviews from the market such as PC Magazine, Digita Trends, and CNET have praised its exceptional quality reliability of connection, topnotch quality of sound and comfortable fit to the highest ratings. And the users have praised its quality as well. You can get these Jabra headphones from Amazon at the price of $190, and enjoy your enthusiastic workout more.

•    Jaybird X4 Wireless Sports Earbuds

In today's competitive technological world, bringing in high-quality product that is adorned with all the necessary qualities that a user will demand is a must. Durability, top-notch quality, and other features surely are must, if you wish to sell your product in the market. And Jaybird has done the some with these X4 wireless sports headphones. These earbuds are superbly easy to carry around due to their lightweight. Additionally, these will give you a perfectly comfortable fit, splash resistant, and are connected with the free mobile app. Using the free mobile app will give you exceptional freedom to tune the sound range calls and music in your control. The battery life is about 8 hours which is great for a couple of workout sessions. These earbuds can be purchased from Amazon at the chic price of $109.

By Amna Anees for Ezega Blogs

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